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Fortune Recognizes Ripple as One of the Best Workplaces in the US


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Fortune Magazine has recognized Ripple as one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area, with 95% of employees vouching for its positive work environment.

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In a recent tweet, Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain technology company, expressed gratitude for being recognized as one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area by Fortune Magazine. 

The tweet read, “We’re honored to be recognized by Fortune Magazine in their roundup of the best workplaces in the Bay Area. Thank you for the recognition!”

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Great Place To Work, an organization that conducts surveys to determine the best workplaces, also took to Twitter to congratulate Ripple on its achievement. It revealed that Ripple secured the impressive 8th position on the Best Workplaces in the Bay Area 2023 Small & Medium list. 

95% of Employees Vouched for Ripple

The data collected by Great Place To Work sheds light on Ripple’s employee satisfaction. An overwhelming 95% of Ripple employees stated that Ripple is a great workplace, significantly higher than the 57% average for US-based companies. 

The survey also highlighted several positive aspects of Ripple’s work environment. According to employee responses, when joining the company, they feel welcomed, they have the freedom to take time off when necessary, and the management is praised for their honesty and ethical practices. 

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Furthermore, the survey indicates that employees feel trusted to perform their jobs without micromanagement and attribute their positive experience to the excellent facilities provided.

This recognition follows a series of accolades for Ripple, showcasing its commitment to creating a thriving workplace. In 2022, Ripple ranked fourth on the Best Workplaces for Parents list. This was in addition to securing the 21st position on the Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology 2022 list and the 34th position on the Fortune Best Medium Workplaces 2022 list, as reported by The Crypto Basic

Great Place To Work uses its Trust Index survey to gauge employee experiences and predict retention, agility, and overall business success. The survey allows employees to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback on their organization’s culture, covering aspects such as trust in management, connection with colleagues, and loyalty to the company.

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