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Hong Kong Bringing Back Retail Crypto Trading, Is China next? Tradecurve Showing Bullish Signs


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Hong Kong reinstated crypto trading at specific exchanges, indicating that China is revising the country’s 2021 ban it originally placed on cryptocurrencies. This has left many to speculate that the entirety of China might bring back support for cryptocurrencies, but nothing is 100% confirmed yet.

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The decentralized, hybrid exchange Tradecurve showcased bullish signs despite the broader bear market, indicating that the future could be decentralized instead.


Hong Kong Brings Back Retail Crypto Trading Support

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission announced that it would move forward by letting individual investors buy and sell cryptocurrencies with high market capitalization. Some of these cryptocurrencies included Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the new licensing system began on June 1, 2023.

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According to their official website, only two exchanges were licensed to conduct these operations, including OSL Digital Securities Limited and Hash Blockchain Limited. Huobi and OKX applied for licenses.

This shift in Hong Kong’s stance on crypto follows similar actions seen by governments in Singapore and Dubai. Hong Kong’s move can have a bigger impact due to the potential for China, the world’s second-largest economy, to begin accepting crypto fully when the US is increasingly hostile towards it.

The Decentralized Future with Tradecurve and How It Showcases Bullish Signs

Tradecurve is an emerging project that offers unique value by combining derivatives and crypto trading from a single platform. The innovative approach towards trading has gathered the attention of investors and traders who might otherwise be restricted due to their geographical location or regulation. TCRV is its utility token, which grew 50% within the past month.

The key factor that helps Tradecurve stand out is its privacy and transparency-focused approach toward operations. The platform eliminates all sign-up KYC checks and ensures everyone has the highest level of privacy and anonymity.

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On top of Tradecurve, users worldwide can trade all derivatives using a single account that they can open by email and then just make a crypto deposit that will be used as collateral.

Another feature of Tradecurve is its artificial intelligence-driven bots that can execute trades faster and more efficiently than manual trading. They can analyze market conditions quickly, monitor price movements, and execute trades based on user-defined strategies.

This speed and efficiency can help traders take advantage of short-term trading opportunities and reduce their risk of missing out on high-growth cryptocurrencies or derivatives.

Holding the TCRV token, that’s selling for $0.015 during Stage 3 of its presale, will also let users receive reductions in the subscription costs and will enable them access to governance and other on-platform discounts.

When TCRV launches on Uniswap and TIer-1 CEXs, analysts predict its value will be propelled by 100x.

Learn more about Tradecurve and the TCRV token below:

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