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Top Australian Exchange Introduces XRP/USDT Trading Pair


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BTC Markets adds XRP/USDT trading pair, expanding options for Australian crypto enthusiasts and enhancing liquidity on the platform.

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BTC Markets, the Australian-based crypto exchange known for its seamless integration with the Australian dollar (AUD), made a significant announcement related to XRP today.

In a tweet, the exchange revealed the arrival of a highly anticipated trading pair, XRP/USDT, inviting the crypto community to take advantage of the opportunity.

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This development comes as an important addition for crypto enthusiasts, especially those interested in trading XRP against Tether (USDT). With the inclusion of the XRP/USDT trading pair, users on BTC Markets can now benefit from enhanced trading options and increased liquidity.

BTC Markets has always aimed to provide its users with a comprehensive selection of trading pairs, enabling them to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of market opportunities. 

By introducing the XRP/USDT pair, the exchange aligns with the demands and interests of its clientele. Notably, the development comes up nearly a month after BTC Markets launched a poll, seeking customers’ opinions on the next pair to include on the platform.

The poll included BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT and XRP/USDT. The XRP/USDT pair carried the majority of votes, with an overwhelming 74% of respondents opting for it. BTC Markets promised to launch the pair shortly after the end of the poll.

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BTC Markets enabled XRP deposits as far back as August 2018. Following the SEC’s charges in December 2020, the exchange noted that they have no plans to delist XRP. Recall The Crypto Basic’s report early this year that XRP surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in trading volume on the Australian exchange.

XRP/USDT Goes Live by Noon

Notably, the announcement further outlined the available functionalities for BTC Markets customers. It stated that users can now deposit and withdraw XRP and USDT from their accounts on BTC Markets. Additionally, post-only orders can be placed in the order book, allowing traders to prepare their positions ahead of the market’s full launch.

The XRP/USDT trading pair is scheduled to go live tomorrow at 12 PM (UTC), signaling the beginning of active trading for the pairing. BTC Markets encouraged its clients to take advantage of this opportunity and place their orders before trading becomes fully operational.

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