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Notable Analyst Says No Reason for XRP Not to Hit $100


Prominent XRP analyst challenges belief in imminent ATH, urging caution and rationality and aligning with whales’ strategies.

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In a series of tweets, prominent crypto analyst Toray Kortan in the XRP community, known for his expertise in psychological market mastery, shared his thoughts on the future of XRP, challenging the widespread belief that a new all-time high (ATH) is imminent. 

While expressing his bullish sentiment towards XRP and the broader crypto market, Kortan urged caution and emphasized the need for rationality and patience.

Kortan boldly stated that he saw no reason why XRP could not reach price levels of $10 or even $100, disregarding the importance of market cap in determining value. He criticized the concept of market cap as a fabrication that holds no real significance.

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Notably, this call for caution comes after The Crypto Basic recently reported that XRP is being massively accumulated following Hinman’s email disclosure, where an expert suggested a possible 9,600% growth. 

However, the psychological market master acknowledged the possibility of a prolonged timeline for XRP’s growth, highlighting that not everyone would become rich overnight.

“I can’t see them letting all these people get rich overnight,” Kortan remarked, suggesting that those expecting astronomical gains in a short period might be disappointed. 

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Kortan believes that while anything is possible, it is essential to approach investments rationally and not rely on selling before an imagined peak.

XRP Investors Should Mirror Whales’ Strategies

Furthermore, Kortan stressed the importance of gradual growth and making well-timed purchases rather than seeking a quick 100,000% return on investment. According to him, aligning one’s strategy with that of the whales, who make small moves to profit off bagholders’ dreams, is the key to long-term success.

“Play the same game as the whales. They need small moves and use the bagholders dreaming of fabricated price targets to fulfill their agenda to profit.”

Responding to whether a new ATH for XRP was unreasonable, Kortan said it was not entirely out of possibility. However, he cautioned against expecting a rapid ascent in a single market candle. 

He argued that the influx of inexperienced investors from 2021 would likely lead to a major shakeout before significant growth could occur.

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