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XRPL Game Launches, Allowing Users to Earn XRP Directly to Their Xumm Wallet


Zerpmon, an XRPL-based game, just launched, allowing players to earn XRP with every victory with no upfront payment required for missions.

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Zerpmon, the acclaimed first digital collectible creature game integrated with Discord and powered by the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has made an exciting announcement for the XRP community.

In a recent tweet, the Zerpmon team unveiled that Zerpmon’s full release has become available and disclosed that players can now earn XRP directly into their Xumm Wallet with every daily victory.

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The post noted that it integrated with the XRPL to allow fast and cost-efficient transactions, enabling seamless rewards for successful gameplay. Users can now battle other players and reap the rewards in XRP.

XRP Community Reacts

The unique gaming experience Zerpmon offers has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and gaming fans alike.

The founder of xPEPE, an NFT project on the XRPL, noted that he had made about 40 XRP in a single day by playing the game. Despite encountering technical difficulties with Discord and the game’s bot, the individual expressed satisfaction with the overall experience. 

This disclosure triggered the curiosity of other members of the XRP community, where one inquired about the cost associated with playing Zerpmon. 

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In response, the Zerpmon team clarified that no upfront payment is required to engage in the daily missions. As trainers progress through the game and level up, they receive mission refills.

Additionally, the team noted that mission refills could be purchased from the store to refresh attacks. It emphasized that 100% of the XRP collected from individuals purchasing potions or refills contributes to the overall pot, distributed among all players.

Nonetheless, Zerpmon’s innovative approach to integrating gameplay with the XRPL is not the first of its kind. As reported by The Crypto Basic last year, a prominent platform for the metaverse and gaming partnered with onXRP for the XRPL-based battle royale game, Maladroids.

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