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Hacked Terra Classic Funds Moved to Tornado Cash, Terraport Accused of Neglect


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A Terra Classic community member has accused the Terraport team of negligence, as the Terraport exploiters move some of the stolen funds to Tornado Cash.

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reXx, a prominent Terra Classic (LUNC) community member, has called attention to the movement of some of the funds stolen from the Terraport exploit of April. He accused the Terraport team of negligence, as most funds were eventually tunneled to crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

In a recent tweet, reXx highlighted ten transactions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) involving BUSD and BNB. 

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Terra Classic Funds Moved Total $88K+

A close look at the transactions shows that the exploiters moved a combined value of $88,649 worth of BUSD from MEXC to unidentified wallets. Most of these funds were then channeled to Tornado Cash. 

The series of transactions began on June 14 and continued until June 18. Most transfers involved sending BUSD tokens from MEXC and KuCoin to unknown addresses and converting them to BNB tokens to be moved to Tornado Cash.

A classic case saw one notable address receive $39,872 worth of BUSD from MEXC in five transactions. The address then swapped the BUSD tokens for 159.9 BNB. Afterward, 101 BNB was tunneled to Tornado Cash, and 58.9 BNB was sent to another address

The recipient address then mixed the BNB with other funds it had earlier received, sending all the assets to Tornado Cash. These movements involved several more addresses and saw the transfer of $88,649.

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Terraport Accused of Negligence 

reXx, who drew public attention to the transactions, expressed his disappointment that the Terraport team failed to effectively monitor these movements and raise the alarm. He stressed that he had noticed suspicious movements twice as a single person – something the Terraport team should have equally spotted.

According to reXx, if Terraport had monitored the movements, the assets would not have made it to BSC. He emphasized that exchanges were able to freeze some assets in the past due to active monitoring.

However, reXx confirmed that he could only acquire the BSC transaction details by contacting the exchange involved. He noted that the exchanges disclosed to him that Terraport had not contacted them on the matter. 

Terraport Aims to Relaunch

As a result of this alleged negligence, reXx is questioning if the Terraport team deserves another chance to relaunch the Terra Classic-based DeFi platform. Recall that TerraCVita, the Terra Classic development group behind the platform, noted that they plan to relaunch after the CertiK audit.

Earlier this month, The Crypto Basic noted that the project had progressed in its Certik audit. Notably, TerraCVita disclosed that the team had received its Certik Silver KYC Badge. As of press time, the CertiK team has sent a report of the audit to the Terraport team and is awaiting their review.

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