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Why Are Early PEPE Investors Buying This New Memecoin In The First Stage of Presale?


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Pepecoin hopped in guns blazing onto the crypto scene not too long ago and quickly reached record heights after getting listed on the Binance exchange. It’s been quite the journey for this coin, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Or is it?

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Reports are making the rounds that early PEPE investors are jumping on a new meme coin that’s in its first stage of presales. Those reports point towards $ANA, the new community meme coin that continues to experience a strong surge in demand.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the freshest meme coin, $ANA, and showing you just why PEPE holders are switching sides early in presales.


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Is this the end of the PEPE craze?

Pepecoin kicked off the whole meme coin craze this year, where newly minted tokens stole the show from big shots like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In less than a month, PEPE shot up by an amazing 10,000%, turning a bunch of regular traders into overnight millionaires. Can you believe it? One trader tossed a measly $273 into Pepe and raked in tens of millions of dollars in profit!

But as of late, Pepe’s recent performance has been a bit of a downer. And truth be told, it was kind of predicted.

Pepecoin hasn’t had the smoothest ride. Its price took a wild dive, causing many experts to label it dead and not worth investing in anymore. Our froggy token experienced a significant price fall of nearly 60% from its previous all-time high.

And now, with the rise of $ANA, early PEPE holders and whales are buying the new meme token, which is only in its first stage of presales. They must have seen the same potential they saw in Pepecoin, or even bigger.

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Let’s explore what this mysterious new meme coin is all about.

$ANA: Pepecoin Killer?

Get ready to meet $ANA, the community meme coin that’s taking away all the top investors from PEPE. $ANA is an unconventional meme coin; it’s a community-driven meme coin that wields the power of humour and memes to tackle corrupt governments head-on. Forget about protests and picket signs; ANA uses memes and satire to call out the bad deeds of those in power.

ANA’s main purpose is to entertain and spread laughter in a happy community. But it also doubles as a platform for social change. Through clever memes and humour, ANA’s community creates awareness about corruption and pushes for a better society. Think of it as the Justice League, but with a sense of humour that could rival any stand-up comedian.

But that’s not all. When you invest in ANA, you become part of a democratic society where your voice truly matters. Investors have the power to vote on projects and decisions that shape the future of the ANA community. It’s a place where like-minded individuals come together, united by a common goal.

So why should you consider ANA over other meme coins like Pepecoin? Let’s explore a few key factors that make $ANA stand out from the crowd.

$ANA is Taking Over

The Anarchy Project is set to take the spotlight from known meme coins like PEPE due to its attractive and unique features. Here are a few of them:

  • Uses humour to Fight The Bad Guys In Government:

$ANA combines the power of memes and humour to call out the corruption we see today. It uses laughter as a tool to shed light on corrupt governments and spark conversations about social change. With $ANA, you can be entertained and make a difference at the same time.

  • A Strong Foundation:

Behind the jokes and memes, $ANA is built on a solid foundation of technology. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and ensures reliable security. Additionally, $ANA leverages Gnosis Safe’s multi-signature solutions to protect the Anarchy DAO Treasury. So, while ANA knows how to have a good laugh, it also knows when to get serious and safeguard your investments.

With Pepecoin gradually fading from the limelight, early investors are setting their sights on $ANA in its first stage of presales. Can you blame them? ANA represents a promising opportunity for those who seek both financial gains and the chance to make a positive impact.


$ANA Presales

You can join those early PEPE investors in buying $ANA tokens in the first stage of presales. Pack up as many as you can for just $0.00021 per token. If $ANA’s unique qualities weren’t enough, maybe its low price would.

Get in early and be a part of the winning team. You don’t want to miss out!

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