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Last Predicted Date for End of SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit Approaches


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Today is Ashley Prosper’s last predicted date for the potential resolution of the multi-year SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit.

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In March, XRP community member Prosper predicted that the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit would end on one of six dates. Prosper’s predictions include March 23, March 31, April 1, May 29, June 5, and June 21.

With today being the last date, XRP enthusiasts hope Judge Analisa Torres will issue the much-anticipated summary judgment decision. It remains to be seen whether the case will be resolved before the end of today.

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Top XRP Stakeholders’ Predictions

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that other predictions about the lawsuit’s potential end date never came to pass. As¬†reported¬†earlier, pro-XRP lawyer James K. Filan predicted that Judge Torres could issue the summary judgment decision on March 31, 2023. However, this forecast did not materialize.

Another pro-XRP lawyer, John Deaton, predicted the ruling would come before May 6, 2023. At the moment, the judge has yet to issue the much-anticipated summary judgment decision.

Interestingly, former SEC director Marc Fagel also¬†predicted on June 15 that the lawsuit would be resolved within days. It’s almost a week, and the judge has not released the final verdict.

Ripple and Its CEO Predict Lawsuit End Date

Notably, Ripple and its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, have also predicted the lawsuit’s possible end date. In a viral video last month, Garlinghouse¬†speculated that the legal battle would end in weeks, not months.

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Based on Garlinghouse’s prediction, many expected the case to be resolved before one month. However, it has been nearly a month since Garlinghouse made the comment, and the judge has still not ruled.

Meanwhile, Ripple gave a safer prediction regarding the possible timeline the lawsuit could end. In its Q1 2023 report, Ripple stated that the lawsuit would be resolved before the end of the year.

Predicting the potential end date of the lawsuit could be a daunting task. According to Deaton, only a few people will know before the judge issues the ruling.

Some of the people Deaton expects to know before Judge Torres issues the summary judgment decision include her staff and court clerks, who helped research relevant materials for the ruling.

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