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Scammers Hack Attorney Jeremy Hogan Twitter Account to Promote Fake XRP Giveaway


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Attorney Jeremy Hogan’s Twitter account has been compromised, as the attackers promote fake XRP giveaways.

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Pro-XRP lawyer Jeremy Hogan has become the latest victim of hackers. Notably, scammers took control of his Twitter account to promote fake XRP giveaways.

In a tweet yesterday, the scammers tweeted that XRP holders can claim free tokens from a website as part of efforts to celebrate Ripple’s victory against the SEC.

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Unsurprisingly, the attackers attempted to link the fake giveaway to Ripple’s win in the multi-year legal tussle. Attorney Hogan has been among the top lawyers who closely followed and commented on the lawsuit since it started.

Using Hogan’s account to promote the giveaway to celebrate Ripple’s victory is likely a calculated move to add legitimacy to the tweets.

A few minutes after the first tweet, the scammers posted other fake giveaway ads targeting XRP community members.

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Top XRP Enthusiasts Alert Others 

As expected, it did not take long before the community understood that hackers had taken over Hogan’s account. Notably, prominent XRP enthusiasts took to the social media platform to inform unsuspecting community members of the development.

Jesse Hynes, the founder of Seedstarter, first shared on Twitter that Hogan’s Twitter account had been compromised. Hynes expressed displeasure over the incident, as the hack might disrupt Attorney Hogan’s vacation.


Interestingly, other prominent XRP community members, including Attorney James Filan, also warned others of the scam.

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton, who was once a victim of a Twitter hack, also joined in spreading the word about the incident. In a tweet today, Attorney Deaton urged the community not to fall for the giveaway ads from Hogan’s Twitter account.


Deaton Shares Tips to Help 

Furthermore, Deaton also retweeted a post on how the XRP community can stop the hackers from using Hogan’s account. The post by Kevin Smith urges XRP enthusiasts to report Hogan’s account by following five simple steps. 

Deaton believes the steps may help while recounting how long it took him to recover his own account from hackers.


As reported earlier, hackers took over Attorney Deaton’s Twitter account on his birthday. The hackers gained control of the account after a relentless cyberattack lasting several days. 

Notably, these malicious actors exploited Deaton’s reputation and influence to introduce a digital token dubbed LAW. However, Deaton finally gained control of his account, thanks to efforts from the entire XRP community.

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