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Expert Says XRP High Price Would Become ‘Necessity’ As Demand Grows


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The founder of BlackSwanCapitalist says XRP’s supply may not meet the growing demand due to increased utility.

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Versan Aljarrah, the founder of BlackSwanCapitalist, took to Twitter to assert a claim the XRP community has supposedly been championing for nearly two years. According to Aljarrah, the argument is that the prevailing affordable price of XRP cannot endure as the global demand for this digital asset escalates.

“As the rest of the world finally catches on, the urgency of this message reverberates louder than ever,” Aljarrah remarked.

No Enough XRP to Meet Growing Demand

Aljarrah contended that the growing global demand for XRP’s utility outstrips the available supply. According to him, this situation renders a higher XRP price not just an inevitability but a necessity to maintain the essential liquidity required to meet this soaring demand.

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In his words:

“There simply isn’t enough #XRP to meet the ever-growing demand for its utility, making a high price not just an inevitability but a necessity…”


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The BlackSwanCapitalist founder considers the projected XRP surge a wake-up call to the skeptics who have yet to grasp this economic reality.

Notably, Aljarrah expressed these sentiments in light of a statement from Shannon Thorp, a Treasury Management team member at Wells Fargo. As The Crypto Basic reported, Thorp argued, “XRP cannot remain cheap,” expressing a belief that XRP’s price cannot fall low due to retail investors cashing out.

Thorp reached the assertive statement after observing that the retail segment constitutes merely 1% of the XRP landscape. She argued that as top institutions such as the US Federal Reserve Banks and businesses join the fray and invest their funds into XRP, the retail’s 1% share will become meaningless.

The financial expert expects XRP to take a massive leap, theorizing that these significant actors would propel XRP’s price as they usher in more utility for the token.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, XRP trades at $0.7088, with a circulating supply of over 52 billion.

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