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XRP Erasing 15 Months Losses in 24hrs: van de Poppe Urges Periodic XRP Buying and Holding


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A prominent crypto analyst highlights XRP’s meteoric rise, advocating periodic investment via DCA to overcome price fluctuations.

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In a recent tweet, a renowned crypto analyst, Michaël van de Poppe, spotlighted the intriguing tale of XRP’s recent meteoric rise, using the event to project something more significant in the offing.

Poppe noted that XRP orchestrated a breathtaking bull breakout, wiping out the equivalent of 15 months’ losses within a mere 24-hour timeframe. The crypto analyst used the XRP example to argue the typical pattern cryptocurrencies would take during a full-blown bull rally.

In his words:

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“What XRP did is showing to you what a bull breakout does.”

Notably, a bull breakout is a sharp and sustained increase in an asset’s price, often followed by continued growth. XRP exhibited this pattern on July 13, when the US court declared it was not a security. The asset surged continuously from about $0.47 to $0.93 within 24 hours.

However, some people expressed concerns, questioning the sustainability of such a meteoric rise. One individual pondered the opposite scenario, contemplating the potential consequences if prices plummeted after three months.

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Another Twitter user acknowledged XRP’s spectacular rebound but raised an important point. He speculated that during such moments, many traders might seize the opportunity to exit the market, potentially leading to a stagnation in the upward momentum due to decreased trading volume.

Invest in XRP Via DCA

Based on the XRP model, Poppe advised crypto investors and traders to exercise prudent fund allocation and implement Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies. DCA represents an investment strategy where an investor commits a fixed amount to a coin at regular intervals, regardless of the asset’s price, to reduce the impact of market volatility.

The crypto analyst believes this model would help investors maintain calmness during period price declines.

Furthermore, the seasoned analyst cautioned XRP investors against succumbing to external influences from friends or social media trends and suggested holding XRP. He underscored the importance of steadfastness to weather the market dynamic.

“Allocate wisely, DCA, don’t get influenced by friends and social media, and simply hold.”

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