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Lead Developer Hints At Shiba Inu Partner’s Role in SHIB’s Next Phase 


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The Shiba Inu ecosystem lead developer has confirmed that the project will experience a paradigm shift soon, highlighting the significance of its newest partner. 

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Though launched as a meme token in 2021, the teeming Shiba Inu community has continued pushing to drop the memecoin branding. This drive culminated in the diverse utilities created for SHIB over the years. 

Numerous notable projects, including Shibaswap, Shiba Eternity, and Shibacals, have also been onboarded into the decentralized SHIB ecosystem. Despite these many positive developments, the Shiba Inu growth team plans to introduce even more projects. 

One such project is the layer-2 scaling solution, Shibarium. The much-awaited L2 solution is designed to catapult Shiba Inu to a better level regarding scalability, gas fees, and network efficiency. The lead ecosystem developer confirmed this per a snapshot tweeted by Bad Idea AI today.  

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Shytoshi Kusama Recognizes Bad Idea AI

While Shibarium has been designed to push SHIB to its next phase, Shytoshi Kusama noted that Bad Idea AI would play a significant role. Notably, the AI-focused project became the latest Shiba Inu partner in July. 

“Bad has more to do with our SHIB next phase,” the lead developer wrote in a Telegram chat. His follow-up remarks suggested that community members overstated the significance of his upcoming ETH Toronto speech. 

Kusama touted the critical role its partners would play in expanding the SHIB ecosystem. 

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Notably, Kusama would speak at the conference slated for August 15 to 16 in Toronto. The prominent developer said the Shibarium mainnet would be launched during the conference. 

As reported by The Crypto Basic, the AI-focused project recently collaborated with Shibacals to launch a digital collection. The update added that the collection would be unveiled during the Blockchain Futurist Conference. 

Interestingly, the project passed its smart contract security audit shortly after becoming Shiba Inu’s official partner. Consequently, its native token BAD was listed on the Poloniex exchange. 

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