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Ripple Locks Back 800 Million XRP to Escrow after Releasing 1Bย 


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Ripple locks back 800 million XRP to its escrow wallet shortly after releasing 1 billion tokens for August.

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The leading blockchain tracking and analytics system, Whale Alert, has captured the latest development involving Ripple’s XRP tokens. The tracking resource confirmed in a recent tweet that Ripple has locked back 800 million XRP tokens to its escrow wallets shortly after releasing 1 billion tokens for August.

800M XRP Back to Escrow

According to the tweet, 300 million XRP tokens, with a staggering value of $209 million, were securely locked away in the Ripple Escrow wallet.

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This strategic move showcased Ripple’s commitment to implementing a controlled and well-planned release of its XRP reserves, exuding prudence and responsibility in its token management approach.

Whale Alert further disclosed that an even more substantial amount of XRP had been returned to escrow. The 500 million XRP, equivalent to over $349 million, has been locked in the controlled account.

These locked XRP, which came in two batches, all happened on August 1, 2023, shortly after their release, per the blockchain explorer. Together, 800 million XRP worth over $550 million has been securely placed under lock and key.

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XRP in Escrowย 

Notably, the transaction demonstrates Ripple’sย commitment to a controlledย and predictable release of tokens into the market. In 2017, Ripple locked up 55 billion XRP in escrow. The escrow agreement stipulates that 1 billion XRP will be unlocked and released to Ripple on the first day of every month.

However, the blockchain technology firm locks back some of the released tokens shortly after coming into circulation. It is worth mentioning that the monthly XRP unlocks provide a steady supply of XRP to the market and liquidity for various initiatives.

The August Release

Notably, the Ripple escrow account released the one billion XRP for August in four batches executed on the same day. It contained two units ofย 100 million XRPย and two otherย 400 million XRP, making 1 billion tokens.

Interestingly, as The Crypto Basicย reported, one of the transactions carried a cryptic message stirring the XRP community. It specifically mentioned Ripple CTO David Schwartz and a prominent attorney, Jeremy Hogan.

Meanwhile, XRP experienced a slight decline over the past 24 hours following recent court developments, as The Crypto Basicย reported.

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