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Edward Kim Transfers CommonWealth Admin Role to Terra Classic (LUNC) L1 Team, Triggering Dispute


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The Terra Classic (LUNC) community faces another dispute following Edward Kim’s admin role transfer to the L1 Task Force project manager.

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In a recent outcome, Edward Kim vacated his administrator role in the Terra Classic discussion forum CommonWealth on Tuesday. This development occurred based on community demand. According to some community members, it would help promote decentralization in the governance of the Terra Classic project. 

Vinh Nguyen notified community members of this controversial change yesterday. “Prof Edward Kim has transferred the admin role of Terra Classic Commonwealth to L1 Terra Classic Task Force,” Nguyen tweeted. The project manager of the L1JTF further acknowledged HappyCattyCrypto (HCC) for campaigning for the change. 

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The development comes shortly after HCC submitted that Edward Kim, Bilbo Baggins, and Rexx implemented a major change without LUNC community approval. These three officials moderated the transition from the Terra Classic discussion forum Agora to Commonwealth. 

Accordingly, HCC rolled out a proposal to remove their admin roles in the Commonwealth discussion forum. 

He suggested that the admin role be funneled to the L1TF project manager. This proposal eventually passed on July 31 with over 94% Yes vote. Complying with the passed proposal, Kim forfeited his adminship to Nguyen. However, the other admins, Baggins and Rexx, refused to vacate their admin roles. 

Controversy Arises

This development has met with mixed reactions from the LUNC community. While many members claimed it promotes decentralization in governance, others frowned at the approach. 

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On the other hand, some users highlighted that the proposal is not enforceable, although it passed governance voting. This is because the other two founding admins still have full authority over the canonical discussion forum. 

Among those who condemned HCC’s agenda was Baggins. The co-creator of the Commonwealth discussion forum called Nguyen’s action a hostile takeover and stealing by tricks. Notably, Nguyen is the new L1TF lead as LuncBurnArmy resigned from the office last month. 

“If you want to have a CW for Terra Classic, by all means please go ahead and make your own and see if the community engages with it. Do not try to use governance in an attempt to steal the one that I have made for the community,” Baggings remarked. 

He added that the new L1TF should have reached out to the concerned officials before making such a move. ‘Some advice for you as the new “L1 Lead” – don’t try to mount a hostile takeover of something that someone else has put effort into for the community,’ Baggins added

Unsurprisingly, he disclosed that Nguyen’s admin role transferred from Kim had been removed. “I have removed your adminship accordingly,” Baggins noted. He said Kim never contacted either admin about transferring his adminship to the L1JTF lead. 

Incessant Disputes in LUNC Community

The Terra Classic community has faced frequent internal disputes recently. As speculated by some members of the broader crypto community, these issues could impede the project’s revitalization. 

Notably, this latest dispute comes a few weeks after privacy concerns surfaced in the community. This led to two key developers — LuncBurnArmy and Fragwyerdig — leaving the L1 Team. Before this shocking resignation, the community had been in a heated debate over the Terraport hack incident. 

Amid these unfavorable situations, some positive developments have been recorded in the Terra Classic ecosystem. 

As reported by The Crypto Basic, the USTC Quant team secured a direct line of communication with Binance. Sequel to this, the exchange confirmed maintaining its LUNC holdings. Likewise, Binance has continued to burn billions of LUNC in the past five months, destroying 1.4B this month.

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