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Forbes Says China Just Made ‘Significant’ Game-Changing Move That Could Impact XRP Price


Hong Kong issues first crypto licenses to local exchanges, opening doors to retail traders and potentially impacting the global crypto market.

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China’s cryptocurrency landscape witnessed a seismic shift as Hong Kong issued its inaugural licenses within a freshly minted crypto framework.

Forbes has argued that the move could significantly impact the XRP market and other crypto assets, as the development represents opening doors to a broader spectrum of crypto traders.

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Recall that a few weeks ago, Forbes projected about a $15 trillion quake entering the XRP market following multiple exchange-traded fund filings, as The Crypto Basic reported.

China License to Exchanges

According to Forbes, unveiling the inaugural licenses, a culmination of Hong Kong’s revamped crypto framework, has thrust local exchanges into the spotlight. Among the first recipients were crypto exchanges HashKey and OSL.

Notably, these licenses now bestow upon the platforms the privilege of catering to Hong Kong’s retail clientele, departing from their erstwhile focus solely on professional investors.

Forbes quoted a spokesperson from HashKey saying the trading platform navigated a streamlined pathway to secure the renewed license. According to the rep, this move facilitates an expansion beyond catering solely to seasoned investors as it now encompassed retail users. 

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On the other hand, Hugh Madden, the CEO of OSL, was quick to underscore the gravity of the development, touting it as a “significant first-mover advantage.” With an air of triumph, he declared that users now wield the power to trade XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

Previously, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of stablecoin issuer Circle, underscored the surging demand for crypto assets in emerging markets. He particularly mentioned Asia, with China and Hong Kong playing pivotal roles in this trend. 

Meanwhile, industry experts anticipate that China’s reentry into crypto could catalyze the next price surge. The Forbes report further highlighted that XRP, BNB, and Cardano (ADA) are now in a tranquil holding pattern.

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