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Ripple Wins ‘Beyond the Check’ Award for Philanthropic Collaboration with EatLearnPlay


The Ripple partnership with Eat.Learn.Play. earns the ‘Beyond the Check’ award, transforming Oakland’s youth landscape through hands-on philanthropy.

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In a recent tweet, Ripple expressed pride in being acknowledged in the prestigious San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Bay Area Corporate Philanthropy list. 

The tweet also highlighted its reception of the coveted “Beyond the Check” award for its impactful collaborations with remarkable nonprofit organizations, including the notable Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation.

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A San Francisco Business Times tweet hailed Ripple as one of the “Beyond the Check – Community Health” category winners. 

The tweet highlighted Ripple’s notable partnership with Eat.Learn.Play., a nonprofit by American basketballer Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha. It emphasized the efforts of Ripple and the nonprofit to support children in Oakland.

Ripple and Eat.Learn.Play.’s Collab

Over the past four years, Steph and Ayesha Curry’s Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation has been at the forefront of establishing playgrounds and providing books to underserved kids in the East Bay. 

Notably, during the early stages of the 2019 pandemic, the foundation was crucial in distributing 15 million meals to needy families. Ripple, a prominent crypto payment company, played a substantial role as a corporate partner throughout this period. 

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In addition to a notable donation of $1 million to support Eat.Learn.Play. ’s pandemic meal program; Ripple demonstrated commitment beyond financial support. Its employees actively volunteered time and effort, contributing to various Eat.Learn.Play. Initiatives.

Chris Helfrich, CEO of Eat.Learn.Play., acknowledged Ripple’s significant contributions.

He remarked:

“They’ve been with us pretty much from the start and have been a huge partner in helping us have the impact that we’ve been able to have.”

The collaborative efforts between Ripple and Eat.Learn.Play focused on providing comprehensive support for underserved children in Oakland. This multi-faceted approach encompasses education, nutrition, and recreational activity. 

The foundation has invested over $4 million in literacy programs and distributed half a million books to Oakland’s children. Physical activity initiatives encompass upgrades to schoolyards, public basketball fields, and summer camps.

For Ripple, this partnership offers an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to Bay Area communities. 

Jonathan Perri, Ripple’s Senior Manager of Global Social Impact, highlighted that these projects extend beyond playgrounds and courts. 

Perri noted that it provided youth with benefits encompassing physical, mental, social, and intellectual development, which research indicates contributes to long-term success.

It is worth noting that Ripple’s humanitarian efforts extend beyond the United States to African nations, as The Crypto Basic reported.

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