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Shiba Inu Lead Says Shibarium Will Show SHIB’s Superiority Over X and Worldcoin


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Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama highlights another key significance of Shibarium while comparing SHIB to X and Worldcoin (WLD).

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Ahead of its mainnet launch, Shystoshi Kusama joined community members to herald the Shibarium project and Shiba Inu. The lead developer asserted that Shibarium would help the team show how Shiba Inu is better than Elon Musk’s X Sam Altman’s Worldcoin (WLD).

Edward Salomons, a longstanding ShibArmy member, called attention to this development on Wednesday. 

He posted a snapshot of Kusama’s remark in the Shibarium community Discord channel. Alongside the image, Salomons expressed confidence in SHIB’s growth, stating that Shiba Inu naysayers would be disappointed. 

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Shibarium’s Significance

Shibarium holds numerous advantages for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. According to the team, the layer-2 project is designed to improve scalability. In addition, it is developed to reduce gas fees and enhance efficient transactions. 

As disclosed by Salomons, Kusama recently uncovered an additional significance of Shibarium to community members. According to the pseudonymous project lead, the L2 scaling solution would showcase SHIB’s superiority over most crypto projects.

In particular, Kusama compared Shiba Inu and Sam Altman’s Worldcoin. He further claimed that SHIB is far greater than the WLD project, which requires users to scan their iris for rewards. In addition, Kusama stated that Shibarium would make the difference clearer.

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“With Shibarium, we will explain why exactly Shib is and will forever be greater than X or any token that makes you scan your eyeballs,” he wrote. 

Notably, the community expects the team to unveil Shibarium during the Blockchain Futurist Conference, as reported by The Crypto Basic. The Conference is slated for August 15 and 16 in Toronto, where Kusama is scheduled to give a virtual speech. 

Shiba Inu Community Strength

Its community strength is among the metrics that place Shiba Inu as a top project in the crypto scene. Kusama highlighted this factor while comparing SHIB and WLD. He says the project’s unmatched community strength is the secret ingredient to its growth.

It bears noting that the number of SHIB holders and Twitter followers has been increasing ahead of the Shibarium mainnet release. At press time, the official Twitter account for the Shiba Inu ecosystem boasts over 3.72 million followers, with token holders surpassing 1.32M. 

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