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XRP Now Accepted As Payment Method Across Hundreds of Stores Worldwide


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This development allows BitPay users to spend XRP at hundreds of merchants worldwide while also enabling the swapping and storage of XRP on BitPay wallets. 

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BitPay, one of the oldest crypto payment service providers, is among the latest to support XRPThe United States-based company recently took to X to remind users of its all-around support for XRP. 

While this evoked several reactions, it bears mentioning that BitPay announced worldwide support for XRP on August 4. The development comes shortly after XRP received regulatory clarity from Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling in the Ripple vs. SEC case.

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Following this update, all users of the crypto payment app can seamlessly spend XRP at the hundreds of stores supported by BitPay. “Merchants can now accept XRP payments from over 100 wallets,” part of the press release read.

BitPay further says that as more global businesses accept direct XRP payments, users can pay effortlessly from their wallets at top online and in-person retailers.

For peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, users can send XRP directly to another wallet address with the BitPay Wallet. To do so,

  • Open the BitPay Wallet app. Click on your XRP wallet.
  • Click “Send” Enter the wallet address you want to send to (or scan the receiver’s QR code).
  • Enter the amount of XRP you want to send.
  • Confirm payment details and slide to send.

Aside from spending XRP across all BitPay merchants, the development has enabled users to buy and swap XRP using the app. 

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The latest integration further enabled XRP users to store their assets in the BitPay Wallet. In addition, users can use BitPay to buy gift cards, further broadening the token’s utility. 

XRP Community Reacts

BitPay’s Tuesday reminder elicited several comments from the XRPArmy. While some community members expressed excitement, others notified the company of issues related to its payment services via debit cards.

According to one user, BitPay’s worldwide support for XRP would open up more possibilities for users and expand the top asset’s use cases. 

Amid the widespread adoption garnered by XRP, a user erroneously claimed that PayPal supports XRP conversion. As reported by The Crypto Basic, PayPal’s recently-introduced feature to enable conversions to and from PYUSD does not support XRP.

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