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Chainlink Vs Lido DAO, Which One Will Keep Up With Everlodge?


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Chainlink and Lido are two extremely popular cryptocurrencies. Both projects are expected to increase in value over the next quarter, which has driven up their daily trading volume. But how will they compare to new entrant, Everlodge.

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Everlodge brings an entirely new concept to the DeFi space. It breaks down vacation properties into fractionalized NFTs, increasing the number of investors who can get involved. With huge potential, analysts believe that Everlodge could increase by 280% during its presale.

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Everlodge Adds A DeFi Spin to Property Investment

Investors are eagerly awaiting the Everlodge presale to begin. At the start of the presale, tokens will sell for $0.01 and increase to $0.035 once finished. In total, 480,000,000 tokens will be sold, and tokens are expected to increase 35x post release. But why should investors get involved?

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Everlodge is the first DeFi project to apply blockchain technology to vacation properties. It will help property owners mint NFTs that represent fractions in the property. These can then be sold to multiple investors.

This significantly reduces the barriers to entry. Instead of buying an entire property for $2 million, investors can get involved for just $200k.

Additionally, investors will also have the opportunity to support the latest vacation property developments. By supporting developments early, investors can earn high returns, which can then be reinvested into other properties.

Everlodge tokens will offer a number of benefits. Token holders will be granted discounts throughout the ecosystem, and will be able to invest in properties for less. Furthermore, they will be able to join the Everlodge rewards club. As part of the club, members will earn free stays at a number of properties. Tier systems will also be available, with higher tier members earning more stays throughout the year.

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Should Everlodge hit its targets, it’s expected to outperform Chainlink and Lido DAO.

Lido DAO Becomes A Staking Powerhouse

Lido DAO has become one of the most used staking infrastructures in the world. Recent reports show that Lido DAO dominates 28% of the Ethereum staking market. With Ethereum staking at an all-time high, many analysts now believe that Lido DAO could hit a new all-time high over the next few weeks.

Lido DAO is popular for several reasons. Firstly, it’s significantly more secure than many alternative staking protocols. The project has regular audits from third-party firms, to guarantee security levels.

Secondly, Lido DAO is easy to use. Investors can get involved for just a few dollars, and the Lido DAO interface is clear. This makes Lido DAO easily accessible to new investors.

Analysts Fear A Chainlink Crash

Chainlink has increased in value by 13.89% in the last month. This has resulted in a surge in Chainlinks daily trading volume, which has frequently passed over $200 million. However, experts believe that Chainlink could crash in August.

Chainlink recently rejected its range high resistance, which is expected to trigger a 20% dip for the project. As a result, Chainlinks daily trading volume has dropped by 22.12% in the last 24 hours, as investors look to minimize losses.

While Everlodge is unlikely to pass Chainlink in regards to price, it could offer significantly higher returns over the next quarter.

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