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Shiba Inu: 7,569,587 BONE Staked on Shibarium as Wallets Surpass 10,000,000


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Shiba Inu Official Highlights Shibarium Huge Adoption, Cites Staked BONE.

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SHIB marketing specialist comments on Shibarium adoption and staked BONE tokens, submitting that Shiba Inu’s development team wrongly estimated the adoption of the layer-2 solution.

Market participants have continued to drop their take on Shibarium following the drawbacks encountered by the project. Lucie, a prominent Shiba Inu official, recently took X to comment on the developments surrounding Shibarium. In particular, she highlighted the huge adoption Shibarium has received from Shiba Inu investors.

This unexpectedly high engagement led to the temporary halt of Shibarium as the network’s capacity was overstepped. In this regard, Lucie noted that the Shiba Inu development made the mistake of wrongly projecting the expected adoption of Shibarium.

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She added that Shiba Inu proponents were largely interested in Shibarium as it promised to ensure effective and low-cost transactions. “They didn’t understand how much the SHIBARMY wanted to be on Shibarium,” she remarked, citing total staked BONE.


As reported by The Crypto Basic, more than 160 million compute units were recorded on the L2 network within 30 minutes. Likewise, a total of 600,000 BONE tokens and 1,000 ETH tokens were deposited in 15 minutes. Notably, the team secured only 400 million compute units per month. This implied that they expected a moderate engagement on the layer-2 network.

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Staked BONE and Shibarium Wallet Increases

As disclosed by the top influencer, staked BONE tokens increased amid the escalating FUD targeted at Shibarium. Per the shared snapshot, 7,569,587 Bone Shibaswap tokens were staked on Shibarium at the time of the update. Shibarium designated explorer Puppyscan further showed that wallets connected to Shibarium eclipsed 10,430,893 at press time.

PuppyScan Wallets above 10M

In her statement, the SHIB marketing specialist praised Shytoshi Kusama for upholding his promises. Recall that the Polygon-based scaling solution was launched during the Blockchain Futurist Conference, as announced by Kusama.

Reacting to the falling prices of BONE, SHIB, and LEASH, Lucie noted the Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens are performing in line with the overall market conditions. On the whole, the SHIB marketing specialist noted that the issues encountered by Shibarium would soon become a joke. It bears noting that Shibarium is currently live in private mode. As earlier published, deep testing is being executed by developers to ensure a stable network before the public relaunch.

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