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Shibacals Team To Issue Free Gifts To Buyers of Shiba Inu Hoodies


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Shiba Inu Shibacals hoodie sales continue to improve, with the team set to give future buyers of the limited edition SHIB-branded clothing unique gifts. 

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Introduced in June, the Shibacals Collaboration Studio is the latest physical product related to the Shiba Inu community.

A recent update showed that Shibacals‘ Shiba Inu Hoodies, available on Champion Garments, have received massive patronage from community members. 

Amid the remarkable patronage, the Shibacals team took to X to further remind community members of the hoodie, giving them extra motivation to grab their copies.

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On Tuesday, the team introduced an epic marketing strategy to increase the sales of the Shiba Inu hoodies. 

In particular, the team submitted that community members who purchase the limited edition Shiba Inu-branded outfit would be given a free tote bag. “All purchases now include a Shiba tote bag,” the Shibacals Collaboration Studio said on Sunday. 

Now get a free tote bag with every hoodie, making your style complete,” the Shiba Inu team confirmed in the post. Starting today, every Shiba Inu hoodie purchase will be accompanied by a free tote bag.

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The team added that there are several designs of the Shiba Inu hoodie, urging users to explore Shibacals’ store and buy to show support for the SHIB project.

These remarks from the Shiba Inu team came in response to the hoodie sales update from Shibacals.  

Hundreds of Shiba Inu Hoodies Sold

It bears mentioning that the Shiba Inu hoodies on Champion Garment landed on the market earlier this month, as reported by The Crypto Basic.

The latest update from Shibacals Collaboration Studio revealed that several Shiba Inu proponents have bought the hoodie. 

Particularly, Shibacals noted that sales have been very quick. It added that hundreds of the fashion wear had been sold within two weeks of launch. 

Notably, these hoodies are available in seven designs and over 20 colors. Moreover, they can be authenticated via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.  

Recall that Shibacals Collaboration Studio — which translates digital NFTs into cherished physical treasures — tested the Shiba Inu hoodies market in June.

At the time, the team produced and authenticated 30 of these exclusive hoodies to stage a prototype special giveaway.

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