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Metaverse Project DeLux Network To Launch on XRP Ledger


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The team behind the DeLux Network (TDN) says its IDO will go live on September 4, 2023.

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The XRP Ledger (XRPL) has become a destination for top crypto projects. As each day passes, new and innovative crypto projects are deployed on the leading blockchain, thanks to its powerful utility and flexibility.

Interestingly, a new project dubbed the DeLux Network (TDN) is set to launch on the XRP Ledger. TDN aims to enable interoperability for metaverse solutions, allowing users to move digital collectibles between several platforms.

Notably, TDN aims to collaborate with visionary creators to unveil groundbreaking collections and blockchain solutions globally.

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The team behind TDN commenced work in the second quarter of the year. During Q2 2023, the team focused on the project’s interoperability design, NFT strategy, business model, and initial partnerships.

So far, TDN has collaborated with top XRPL-based projects, including Lux Lions, Aftermath Islands, Primo Gardens Inc., and Rize2Day. In Q3 2023, TDN aims to conduct the presale of its native utility token- The TDN Token.

TDN Token Presale

It is worth noting that the TDN token’s IDO is scheduled for September 4, 2023. The IDO will occur in three different tiers: bronze, silver, and gold.

Notably, the IDO sale for each tier will take place simultaneously in the form of NFT treasure chests. TDN Token NFTs will be available for purchase through the dedicated website: thedeluxnetwork.com.

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Bronze Tier: In this IDO, a unit of TDN token will be sold at $0.005. Investors who acquire TDN tokens via this tier will only gain access to their tokens after listing on a Tier 1 crypto exchange.

Investors who participate in this IDO can redeem their NFT treasure chests and tokens 150 days after the token lists on a tier 1 exchange.

Silver Tier: In this phase, the TDN token is offered at a fixed price of $0.011 per unit. This tier comes with a special condition, including a 90-day lockup period.

During this period, investors will not be able to trade the token. You will only gain access to the tokens 90 days after it lists on a tier 1 exchange.

Gold Tier: In this tier, a unit of TDN will be sold at $0.023 each, with a lockup period of 50 days. Notably, investors who opt for this tier can redeem their tokens 50 days after it launches on a tier 1 exchange.

One exciting feature of the TDN token is its interoperability between the XRPL and the Coreum blockchain.

TDN Team to Introduce Staking In Q4 2023

Meanwhile, the team plans to have TDN tokens listed on multiple centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges in Q4 2023.

The team will introduce its staking and NFT programs in the same quarter. It will also embark on intense marketing to foster the widespread adoption of TDN solutions. 

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