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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Acknowledges Polygon Role in Shibarium Relaunch


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Shiba Inu’s Lead developer and development team member has thanked Polygon’s developers for helping with the scaling and relaunching of Shibarium.

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Prominent Shiba Inu’s developer Kaal Dhairya has expressed gratitude to Polygon Labs for its contributions towards the successful relaunch of Shibarium.

In a tweet today, Dhairya specifically thanked Polygon’s founders- Jaynti Kanani and Sandeep Nailwal- and the company’s core protocol team member Krishna Upadhyaya.

According to the Shiba Inu developer, these Polygon team members went “out of their way” to help Shibarium when it experienced a technical hurdle. Dhariya further declared that the friendship between Shiba Inu and Polygon would last forever.

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Kusama Thanks Polygon Following Shibarium Public Relaunch

Notably, Dhariya’s remark comes a few hours after Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, announced the public relaunch of Shibarium.

Recall that Shibarium encountered a technical issue shortly after it debuted on the mainnet. The issue stemmed from an influx of users, as the blockchain’s adoption surpassed the team’s expectations.

To resolve the issue, Dhariya and Kusama disclosed that Shiba Inu contacted other developers to help with Shibarium scaling. The Shiba Inu team members said they will reveal the identities of these developers if they approve.

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In a blog post today, Kusama said he called Nailwal, and the Polygon co-founder did not hesitate to provide additional resources to resolve the situation.

“Specifically Thank You To: Sandeep, JD, OxKrishna, and everyone at Polygon, Paul from Unification, Navdeep, Vijay, Vishwajeet, Robil, Ayush, Prashant, Vikas, Aarav, and the decentralized Shibarium team.”

It is worth noting that Shibarium is a fork of Polygon, with Kusama stating that the team made the right call in this regard. He noted that the Polygon team was helpful with scaling Shibarium.

Kusama also expressed gratitude to other developers at Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Unification for also contributing to the successful relaunch of Shibarium.

Shibarium’s Interacting Addresses Surpass 66K

Meanwhile, Shibarium has continued to show impressive performance. Since its mainnet launch on August 16, a total of 66,958 addresses have interacted with the L2 blockchain, resulting in 368,532 transactions processed so far.

Additionally, Shibarium’s total blocks stand at 333,315, with an average block time of five seconds. According to data from Shibariumscan, the network completed 40,433 transactions yesterday, ranging from contract calls to token transfers. Overall, nearly 20M BONE have been staked so far on Shibarium.

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