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Top Blockchain Developer Tests Shibarium, Funds Transferred Within 4 Minutes


In a recent tweet, CryptoLeadDev, a prominent blockchain software engineer, exemplified the working principle of the Shibarium bridge.

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The developer sought to test that the Shibarium bridge is working and capable of handing crypto funds. He did the practical to give feedback to the crypto community before they undertook a similar endeavor.

In his words:

“I am testing the Shibarium bridge, sending ETH to Shibarium, so you don’t have to test it yourself.”

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Recall that The Crypto Basic disclosed that Shibarium’s beta bridge became live for public testing in July.

Testing Shibarium Bridge

According to CryptoLeadDev, he first visited the Shibarium bridge web app and entered the Ethereum (ETH) token he wanted to transfer. His test amount was 0.01 ETH, worth $16.4981 at the time of the transaction. The initial fee was $1.95, with an estimated completion time of 20 to 30 minutes.

Notably, the Web3 wallet he used was MetaMask. The developer stated that upon reaching MetaMask to confirm the transaction, the estimated fee became $2.65. He proceeded nonetheless.

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While the fund was en route to Shibarium, CryptoLeadDev checked the blockchain explorer to gather information about the ongoing process. He highlighted that the Shibarium bridge moved the moves to an upgradeable proxy contract.

An upgradeable proxy contract is a smart contract that allows upgrading its underlying code without affecting its ability to receive or send funds.

In the case of the Shibarium bridge, the upgradeable proxy contract stores the transferred ETH and upgrades its code. This mechanism allows the bridge to function even if there are changes to the Shibarium blockchain.

Against the estimated 30-minute wait time, it appears the transaction concluded in four minutes. Notably, CryptoLeadDev noted at 06:01 (UTC) that he had initiated the transaction. At 06:13 (UTC), he tweeted that it had concluded eight minutes ago (at 06:05). This means it took four minutes to conclude.

He revealed the bridge minted the ETH tokens on Shibarium to his wallet. He got WETH.

After that, the developer created a custom token placeholder on his MetaMask wallet to receive the Shibarium WETH. He noted that this step was necessary because the WETH on Shibarium differs from that of Ethereum.

He proclaimed, “Shibarium bridge appears to be working. Woot woot! Horray!” after his MetaMask wallet received the WETH.

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