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Uphold to Support Evernode Airdrop For XRP Holders


US-based trading platform Uphold is helping XRP holders partake in Evernode (EVRS) airdrop; participants must hold XRP on an off-exchange wallet.

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In a recent tweet, the renowned pro-XRP exchange, Uphold, announced its intention to support XRP holders in a forthcoming airdrop. In particular, the trading platform seeks to support XRP proponents looking to participate in the Evernode (EVRS) airdrop.

According to the exchange, the decision is to allow XRP investors on its platform to qualify by merely holding XRP. 

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Uphold XRP Support

Per the update, the window for holding XRP is Friday, September 1. The time is 8:00 AM (UTC) or 6:00 PM in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Furthermore, Uphold noted that XRP investors will receive the EVRS airdrop in proportion to the amount of XRP they hold. The holding proportion for the airdrop counts up to 50,000 XRP.

“This measure was implemented to ensure a fair and equal distribution,” the exchange remarked in the tweet.

Meanwhile, Uphold clarified that the Evernode team is yet to confirm the exact date for distributing the EVRS token. Moreover, it said the distribution date relies upon multiple external components. It includes unveiling Xahau Network, a new sidechain based on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

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Additionally, Uphold stated that XRP holders may be unable to trade the EVRS token on its platform after receiving it. The exchange said trading EVRS will be contingent on meeting the required liquidity standard and full listing criteria.

Nonetheless, XRP investors could receive and withdraw EVRS on Uphold wallet at the initial stage. Ultimately, the exchange left a cautionary message to crypto enthusiasts, asking them to understand the risk of trading crypto.

Evernode Airdrop

According to the Evernode team, qualifying for the EVRS airdrop requires holding XRP in an off-exchange wallet. Such a wallet could be the Xumm wallet or a self-custodial wallet solution. 

This implies that Uphold users will qualify for the EVRS airdrop by holding XRP off Uphold’s exchange app. Recall that Uphold recently launched a non-custodial wallet, as The Crypto Basic reported.

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