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Pundit Claims Ripple Cannot Succeed Without XRP Succeeding


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Nietzbux, a notable XRP community figure, believes the chances of Ripple gaining prominence and achieving more success are contingent on XRP’s success.

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Prominent XRP community figure Nietzbux has argued that for Ripple to succeed on its grand scale, the digital asset XRP, with which it shares close ties, must equally record massive success. 

This assertion contrasts Ripple’s narrative, which has consistently emphasized the independence of XRP from the company itself.

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Nietzbux’s argument hinges on an assertion that Ripple’s non-XRP innovations lack the transformative impact that the industry demands. 

As the global scene aims to move towards transferring assets across borders instantly, Ripple’s focus on solving cross-border challenges sets them on a unique trajectory. Per Nietzbux, the firm has bigger goals than most DeFi entities.

Ripple Needs XRP to Succeed

However, Nietzbux points out that if Ripple wishes to sustain its growth, XRP would need to thrive, or the firm would have to go public through an IPO. He believes both events playing out would also turn out fine. 

According to him, this assertion lies in the fact that Ripple’s XRP products play an indispensable role in the company’s long-term plans. While their existing non-XRP offerings have garnered significant business, the necessity to sell XRP remains.

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Ripple’s overarching objective is to transcend its current stature. However, Nietzbux notes that its current trajectory of innovation would not help it achieve this objective, as other firms are involved in similar products.

According to him, Ripple needs to integrate with the broader financial system through proper business development. Nietzbux believes the firm can achieve its objective with such integration.

Despite Ripple’s accomplishments in onboarding clients for their non-XRP products, they are still far from this ultimate objective regarding widespread, live adoption.

Recall that Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz confirmed in May that he does not recommend building products that require XRP.

Ripple’s Aware of This

Nietzbux remains resolute in his belief that XRP’s success is essential for Ripple, and he suggests that Ripple is well aware of this fact. 

Their actions, such as substantial hiring during bear markets and their tenacious legal battle against the SEC, all indicate a conviction that XRP’s destiny is intertwined with Ripple’s own.

Nietzbux’s assertion echoes the sentiment that XRP is Ripple’s secret weapon. Ripple has invested substantial resources, including over $100 million in legal fees, to ensure XRP’s regulatory clarity for U.S. usage. 

This level of commitment underscores that Ripple regards XRP as pivotal to its mission.

Nietzbux further speculates that Ripple, as stewards of a significant portion of XRP’s supply, is poised for substantial success, and this triumph will not be despite XRP succeeding but because of it.

The General Consensus

It’s imperative to note that Nietzbux’s views diverge from Ripple’s and the broader XRP community’s stance, which emphasizes the autonomy of XRP from Ripple as a company. 

XRP is an inherent part of the decentralized XRPL, and its value primarily relies on market conditions. Ripple highlighted this independence in its Q2 2018 XRP Markets Report.

Nevertheless, Ripple’s actions and its close association with XRP continue to influence the asset’s trajectory, leading to an ongoing debate about the interdependence of Ripple and XRP.

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