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Analysts Highlight XRP Final Support Levels, Target $5.85 Once Correction Ends


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XRP is currently trading close to its final support levels amid the recent correction, with a potential to surge to $5.85 once the correction ends, according to notable analyst Dark Defender.

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Dark Defender highlighted the current situation in his latest XRP analysis report on X (formerly Twitter). The analyst leveraged the daily chart to make his projections, building on previous reports on XRP’s movements within three waves.

Wave 1: Upsurge

He pointed out that XRP had previously halted at $0.93 during Wave 1 of its price action. Notably, he had set a target of $1.33 for Wave 1, but when XRP soared on July 13 following the lawsuit victory, it hit a major resistance point at $0.93.

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As previously disclosed by The Crypto Basic, Dark Defender had to revise his targets because of XRP’s inability to claim $1.33 on Wave 1. The new targets were more bullish than the previous ones.

Wave 2: Correction

The analyst noted at the time that, after Wave 1, XRP would slip into Wave 2, which brings a correction to its rally. This projection materialized, with XRP currently 48% down from the yearly peak of $0.93.

XRP remains within the confines of the corrective Wave 2. On Sept. 2, Dark Defender emphasized that the last support points for XRP amid the correction are $0.46 and $0.39. 

In the latest analysis, he confirmed that XRP is hovering around $0.46 following the recent break below $0.50. He says $0.39 is the ultimate safety net in case the bears breach below the $0.46 support threshold. This would mark the end of Wave 2.

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Wave 3: Rally

Dark Defender’s projection suggests that the conclusion of this Wave 2 correction will herald the onset of Wave 3. Wave 3 is expected to usher in a more momentous rally, with ambitious price targets of $1.88 and $5.85 firmly in mind.

Currently trading for $0.4760, XRP would need to increase by 294% to hit $1.88. In addition, a rally to $5.85 would require more effort, necessitating a massive 1,128% surge from $0.4760. Hitting $5.85 would mark a new all-time high for XRP.

Further Insights

Nebraskangooner, a prominent crypto analyst, also recently highlighted XRP’s price movements in a separate development. He cautioned against blindly chasing the market’s upward momentum and emphasized the importance of $0.50 as a critical level.

He advised traders to tread cautiously below this threshold, as venturing below it could be akin to catching a falling knife. Knife catching is an attempt to buy an asset at a very low price, hoping it will immediately rebound. 

The strategy is risky because it involves trying to time the exact bottom of a price drop. This practice could backfire in volatile markets, especially if one mistimes the entry.

Nebraskangooner cautions against buying XRP below the $0.50 zone without a confirmed breakout, as it carries a high level of risk. Instead, he suggests waiting for a clear sign of an upward movement to minimize potential losses. 

The analyst’s chart further highlighted the significance of the region between $0.4695 and $0.4700. This tight range is a key support zone that XRP must defend to prevent further declines. XRP is trading for $0.4760, up 0.65% over the past 24 hours.

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