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XRP Saves The Day as Community Laments Withdrawal Issues on Uphold


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Ashley Prosper narrates how XRP saved the day after encountering a withdrawal issue on the Uphold crypto exchange.

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Ashley Prosper, a prominent XRP community member, has taken to X to lament an issue he encountered on Uphold, a New York-based crypto exchange.

In a tweet yesterday, Prosper shared an error message he received from Uphold as he attempted to withdraw his crypto assets from the platform to his “various wallets.” 

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“Sorry, your transaction could not be processed. There was an issue collecting recipient information,” the error message read.

The exchange further said:

‘Please note the Uphold is not responsible or liable for any losses you may incur by holding or trading virtual currency, even if the platform is delayed, suspended, or interrupted for any reason as per Uphold terms and conditions.’

Consequently, Prosper contacted the Uphold team to resolve the issue. However, the exchange only apologized for the “inconvenience” and proposed that he utilizes other withdrawal methods, including bank and debit card.

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Prosper expressed his disappointment with the situation, adding that he may no longer use the exchange.

XRP Saved the Day 

Meanwhile, Prosper said XRP was the only crypto asset he could withdraw from Uphold without any issue. As a result, he improvised by converting all his crypto assets to XRP before moving them to another exchange.

Furthermore, the famous XRP enthusiast said he repurchased the other crypto assets he initially converted before withdrawing the tokens to his wallet. 

XRP Community React 

Expectedly, the post stirred mixed reactions among XRP enthusiasts. While some enthusiasts said they have never encountered any issues, others noted that the platform is always quick to address users’ complaints.



On the other hand, a fan of cryptocurrency reprimanded Prosper for bringing up the issue in the public space. 

According to the user, publicizing the issue is not a good way to show appreciation to Uphold, given that the platform “has had the back of the #XRPArmy.” 

Responding, Prosper said although he is grateful Uphold did not delist XRP, he suggested that the decision benefited the company more.

The development comes less than 48 hours after Uphold launched an instant bank withdrawal feature for XRP.

Uphold Supports XRP Amid SEC v. Ripple Lawsuit 

Recall that several US-based crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, delisted XRP shortly after the SEC charged Ripple with selling the coin as an unregistered security.

However, Uphold refused to delist XRP. The company said it will not remove XRP from its crypto offerings until the court issues a verdict.

In return, XRP holders showed their loyalty to Uphold despite multiple exchanges relisting the coin after the court found it to be a non-security.

Uphold’s CEO Simon McLoughlin said in an interview that the exchange saw an influx in XRP net deposits even though other top-tier exchanges relisted the coin. In July, Uphold shared its proof-of-reserves (PoR), showing a holding of $1.05 billion worth of XRP.

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