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Deaton Invites Ethereum Founders Vitalik Buterin & Joseph Lubin to Crypto-Law Livestream


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In the wake of Steven Nerayoff’s allegations regarding Ethereum ICO, Attorney Deaton has invited Buterin and Lubin to his live show to disclose what they know about the matter. 

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Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has invited Ethereum founders- Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin- to come in as guests on Crypto-Law TV following recent allegations by Steven Nerayoff, an early adviser to the crypto project. 

Nerayoff’s Allegations 

For context, Nerayoff attracted the attention of top crypto stakeholders last week after he claimed a case was fabricated against him due to his knowledge of Ethereum’s initial coin offering (ICO). 

He also alleged that some officials at the SEC, FBI, Department of Justice (DOJ), and Ripple were involved in the plot. Notably, the authorities later dropped the charges against Nerayoff in May 2023. 

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This stirred speculation among crypto enthusiasts, as Deaton speculated that Nerayoff’s allegations against these government agencies could be factual. 

Meanwhile, Nerayoff’s lawyer confirmed in a statement that his client is willing to shed more light on the claims. However, he stated that Nerayoff would only follow the proper procedure to reveal everything he knew about the alleged fabricated case. 

Deaton Invites Ethereum Founders to His Show 

In a recent live stream, Deaton said after seeing some of Nerayoff’s receipts about his allegations, he understood why the early Ethereum advisor believed he was targeted.

Furthermore, Attorney Deaton said in the live stream that the truth about Nerayoff’s allegations will eventually come out soon. 

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“The truth will come out. We are getting closer, as each day passes, to that truth,” Deaton was quoted as saying. 

In a follow-up statement, Deaton said there is no “free pass” for the truth, adding that it would eventually have its day. As part of efforts to get to the truth regarding the allegations, Attorney Deaton invited Buterin, Lubin, and Nerayoff to be his guests on Crypto-Law TV. 

“I’m inviting Vitalik, Joe and Steve to come on live – where nothing can be cut or manipulated and we will get to the truth,” said Deaton. 

XRP Community Reacts 

As expected, XRP community members took to the comment section to react to the invitation. 

While some enthusiasts speculated that Ethereum founders would not honor the invitation, others believe it would be great to see them share their own side of the story. 

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Lele Jima
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