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IOHK Shares Latest Cardano Developments as Number of Projects Building on Cardano Hits 1,287


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The Cardano network has seen an influx of developer interest, with more than 1,280 projects currently building on it.

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Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the independent foundation overseeing the growth of the Cardano blockchain, has released its latest development report. A key takeaway from the most recent release is that there are now 1,287 projects building on the Cardano network. 

The current figure means that at least ten new projects began building on Cardano in September. Notably, the last report in August showed there were 1,277 projects, with July also seeing a lower number, 1265. 

The increase in the number of projects building on Cardano underlines growing developer interest in the layer-1 blockchain. Having more developers on the network also paves the way for IOHK to benchmark the efficiency of recent upgrades also revealed as part of the latest development update.

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Cardano Sees Further Network, Wallet and Smart Contract Upgrades

IOHK’s latest development update also reveals several enhancements across different infrastructures and tooling that enhance the developer and user experience.

For instance, the foundation’s performance and tracing team completed an analysis that benchmarked various Cardano clusters and enhanced various backend features.

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The user-facing Lace wallet built mainly for Cardano also saw a few improvements. The Lace development team executed tasks related to fixing the staking delegation ratio and portfolio resistance.

Per the report, Lace also enhanced its user interface to reflect changes in governance decisions and allow users to connect to more extensions via its native dApp connector.

There were also some updates by the Marlowe team, which focused on making it easier for developers to write Cardano-based smart contracts.

Marlowe made code commits that make it easier for developers to import and run relevant packages. The team also upgraded Marlowe’s Cardano node dependencies to the latest version, v.8.1.2, for smoother dApp functionality.

The latest developments on Cardano support recent findings placing the network high on the list of top ten blockchains by development activity. A separate report also found that there are 168 researchers working on the layer-1 blockchain.

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