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Massive Profit Potential: Everlodge, Kucoin, ImmutableX – These Top Cryptos Could Skyrocket Over 20% By Month’s End


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With less than a week until the start of October, investors are looking for quick ways to boost their portfolios. Three projects that could see returns of over 20% are Everlodge, KuCoin and Immutable X. Each has performed extremely well over the last week, attracting thousands of new investors.

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Everlodge Presale Continues To Sell Out

Everlodge is becoming one of the most exciting DeFi presales. Its value has already increased by 80% and now experts predict that Everlodge will increase in value again before the end of September.

Everlodge is the world’s first DeFi marketplace for travel properties. Its marketplace lets investors fractionally invest in properties like holiday homes, hotels and luxury villas for just $100. Here’s how it works.

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To begin, a property owner will list their property on Everlodge. This property is minted as an NFT and broken down into fractions. Investors can then purchase fractions and will own a percentage of the property based on how much they buy. For example, an investor could buy a $300,000 NFT representing 30% in a luxury villa in Spain.

Investors will earn a passive income every month based on how much of the property they own. This creates a new passive income opportunity for investors and could change how individuals buy travel properties.

The Everlodge ecosystem will also include a rewards club and launchpad, both of which offer a number of ways for investors to profit. Another unique feature of Everlodge is its token holder rewards. Much like many crypto projects, token holders will be granted voting rights and staking bonuses.

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However, in addition to this investors will also earn discounts on properties and free stays at properties owned by Everlodge investors. These stays will work like a timeshare, and can be redeemed or sold for a profit.

Everlodge tokens are currently trading at $0.018, a bargain according to market analysts. Tokens are expected to hit a new all-time high over the next week, and tokens will hit $0.035 before they’re listed on major exchanges.

Immutable X Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing

Immutable X (IMX) is attracting thousands of crypto investors and crypto whales alike. Its value has increased over 31% over the past week and now experts are making predictions as to how high Immutable X will go.

At the time of writing Immutable X was trading at $0.578 and its daily trading volume was $26 million. Due to its sudden rise, experts predict that the project could hit $0.6 before the end of September.

Going into Q4 Immutable X is expected to increase further, with some experts suggesting the project could increase to $0.7. Should Immutable X hit these milestones, it could quickly become one of DeFi’s most popular projects.

Analysts Are Bullish About KuCoin

Despite losing over 50% of its value in the past year, experts believe that KuCoin could bounce back. The cryptocurrency offers several benefits to investors, including a lucrative profit share scheme. Additionally, the KuCoin exchange has grown dramatically over the last few months, which is likely going to drive up KuCoin’s price.

Though KuCoin is currently trading at just $4.39, experts predict that KuCoin could reach $8.6 in 2023. Bullish predictions suggest that KuCoin could go even higher, potentially hitting $15.71 before the end of the year, making KuCoin a strong investment option.

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