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Q4 2023 Copy Trading Outlook: Top Traders To Watch


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In any year, Q4 always has the highest success rate of any other quarter, both in the Stock Market and in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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With the fourth quarter of the year upon us, let’s take a look at which PrimeXBT copy traders to keep a close eye on, and who have already gotten off to an incredible start in October.

What is PrimeXBT Copy Trading?

PrimeXBT Copy Trading is an innovative module that lets you automatically copy the trades of experienced traders. Instead of actively trading yourself, you can take a passive approach and have your account mirror the strategies of profitable experts.

For new traders, Copy Trading provides a fast track to profits without needing to learn complex analysis or develop trading skills. Just browse leaderboards, select winning traders, and start profiting from their knowledge.

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Experienced traders can also benefit by sharing strategies and growing a follower base. Strategy Providers get a profit share from Followers’ copied trades, increasing earnings beyond traditional trading ROI. Copy Trading essentially lets skilled traders monetize and profit from their proven trading abilities.

In short, PrimeXBT Copy Trading combines social and financial trading, allowing both new and seasoned traders to maximize opportunities. Followers profit without effort, while successful traders earn more income. It’s a win-win for the trading community.

Top traders to watch in Q4 2023

Each new month, PrimeXBT publishes a Copy Trading Report, highlighting the best-performing traders of the previous month. This was the starting point of our research, first turning our attention to newcomer StrictLY.

StrictLY topped the list of newcomers for September and made it into the top five for all-time profitability with a breakout first-month performance of over 500%. The next closest newcomer only took in around 35% ROI by comparison.

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This incredible debut immediately put the trader on our radars. Since October began, StrictLY has sunk slightly, taking their total profits to a still impressive 417% ROI at the time of writing. With several months to go in the quarter, StrictLY can still come out on top and recoup the gains they’ve surrendered thus far.

Other traders that ranked even higher by total profits include MOON CRYPTO, BTCInvest0r, and RUNNING BITCOIN, with 421%, 516%, and 523%, respectively. A familiar face, HALVING EFFECT, is currently totaling 637% ROI, while verified user Cinnamon inched ahead with 721% ROI. Finally, veteran SLOWW BUT SURRE has 784%, and the top-ranked trader currently is the legendary Stonehedge, with 1,465% ROI.

Five-star traders to keep an eye on

Fortunately, profit performance isn’t the only way to gauge how successful a trader is. PrimeXBT Copy Trading offers insights into all types of performance metrics, from risk to turnover and trading volume, to how much margin is being allocated to positions at any given time.

Strategies that show extra care regarding risk and safety can earn themselves up to five stars. These stars alert potential followers to more patient strategies that employ strict risk management practices. Any trader earning four or five stars is typically a hallmark of a skilled trader with few losses.

Price action007, Mad mad stacks, BTC to 100k, and several others were all able to achieve five stars. Top-ranked traders like SLOWW BUT SUREE boast both a 784% ROI and four stars, which should catch the attention of onlookers who have yet to click follow.

Other important metrics tracked by PrimeXBT’s Copy Trading module include max win ratio, trading turnover, follower count, days active, max drawdowns, and much more. Followers can sort through this information to find potential strategies that match their personal risk appetite and profit goals.


PrimeXBT Copy Trading provides an innovative way for both new and experienced traders to maximise opportunities in financial markets. Followers can profit without effort by copying proven winners, while skilled traders can monetize their abilities.

With Q4 underway, traders like StrictLY, MOON CRYPTO, SLOWW BUT SURRE, and others have already gotten off to an incredible start. Their early success positions them as top traders to keep a close eye on as we round out 2023.

The fourth quarter is historically the most potentially profitable time of year across assets. Try PrimeXBT Copy Trading today to get your portfolio positioned for success as 2023 comes to a close.

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