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Fight Me: Triumphia Origins NFT collection Mints Out In 2 minutes


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Triumphia Origins is the first NFT collection associated with the game Fight Me by Nekki – a studio whose games have been downloaded more than a billion times. All 10,000 NFTs were minted out in under two minutes on Magic Eden ahead of the main Genesis mint in November.

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Triumphia Origins NFTs sell out  almost instantly

Triumphina Origins is a collection of 10,000 fighter NFT characters created for the game Fight Me, which is developed by Nekki – a popular Cyprus-based game developer known for franchises like Shadow Fight and Vector. Triumphina Origins is the first NFT collection to be used in the studio’s pioneering Web3 title, Fight Me, scheduled to be released in early-access mode in Q1 2024.

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The NFT collection is issued on Polygon, which is also among Nekki’s key partners along with MetaMask, Thirdweb, and others. The mint took place on October 13 on the Magic Eden marketplace and attracted exceptional interest – so much so that all 10,000 NFTs were sold out in less than two minutes.

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The Triumphia Origins free mint was held on Magic Eden. The first two rounds (each one hour long) were reserved to the members of the Fight Me Discord holding the OG role. The third was held on the first come, first served basis. All the remaining 6,000 Triumphia Origins NFTs were minted out in under two minutes – a rarity in GameFi, especially in the ongoing bear market.

The originally planned fourth minting round for the general public thus never took place. Fight Me game director Nikita Korzhavin comments:

“We are proud of the mint’s success – but not surprised by it. In just a few months, we built an exceptional Discord community with more than 70,000 members. It’s one of the most active in the GameFi industry. When we launched a creative competition for the OG role and a spot on the whitelist for the Triumphia mint, we received thousands of submissions.

Actually, growing organic communities without any paid advertising is something of a superpower for Nekki. That’s how we accumulated a billion downloads and 12 million followers on our Web2 franchises.”

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Why is the GameFi community so excited about Fight Me and Triumphia Origins?

Fight Me is a Compete-to-Earn and Play-to-Own game on Polygon that builds on Nekki’s 20 years of experience creating successful action and strategy franchises. Apart from leveling up their NFT fighters and unlocking skills, users will be able to form fighting squads and have them compete in tournaments.

The game’s main NFT mint, Genesis, is planned for November 2023. Every Triumphia Origin NFT holder is entitled to a spot on the whitelist, as well as early access to the game itself and to a variety of member-only activities and contests.

The game will appeal not just to Web3 audiences but also to Web2 players – an audience that already knows and loves Nekki’s products.

Key facts about Nekki

Nekki is a Cyprus-based game publisher known for its high-quality action and strategy franchises, including Shadow Fight – one of the industry’s biggest fighting franchises.

  • Developed successful mobile franchises Shadow Fight, Vector, and 11×11; working on a PC and console action game, Spine;
  • More than 1 billion game downloads;
  • 12 million followers on socials across all franchises;
  • Built the popular animation tool Cascadeur, used by 100,000 animators and developers;
  • Over 300 professionals on the team.

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