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Ripple May Announce IPO at Upcoming Ripple Swell in Dubai


XRP community anticipates Ripple making IPO statements at the Ripple Swell conference, which will be held in Dubai.

A pivotal Ripple event, Swell, will take place within the next three weeks. This has prompted speculations about the likelihood of Ripple making significant statements regarding going public at the conference.

Prominent figures in the XRP community theorize that Ripple might use this occasion to officially disclose its intention to go public via an initial public offering (IPO).

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Leading the discussion in the community about Ripple’s IPO announcement at Swell is XRP enthusiast WrathofKahneman (WoK). While he acknowledged the conference bears significant implications, he speculated what could be in store for the XRP Army.

Specifically, WoK itemized four key possible developments that could ensue from the Dubai conference, with IPO taking the lead.

Notably, discussions about Ripple going public via an IPO intensified in recent weeks amid Ripple’s successive victories from its protracted legal battle. Besides, Ripple recently hinted that it is preparing for its IPO with a job posting for a “Senior Shareholder Communications Manager.”

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Given the XRP community’s firm conviction in Ripple’s eventual IPO, they eagerly anticipate Ripple making statements concerning the IPO amid pivotal events such as Swell.

Meanwhile, WoK and other community members anticipate a comment from Ripple about the acquisition of a Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) license at the conference. 

Similarly, they expect commentary on Ripple’s Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) endeavors, advancements in stablecoin and tokenization, and the introduction of new users to Ripple services.

Ripple Swell

According to Ripple’s official page, Swell is a two-day event to be hosted in Dubai on November 8 and 9, 2023. It is poised to bring together some of the most brilliant individuals in blockchain, crypto, financial services, and economic policy. 

Notably, participants will be opportune to explore the nuances of payments and digital cash, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of crypto technology with traditional systems. Also, Ripple stated attendees will explore the implications of regulation for digital currencies.

Emphatically, specific discussion topics include the Future of Crypto, CBDCs, Payments, Compliance, Regulation, and Payments. Furthermore, Ripple Swell will feature over 600 attendees, 80 speakers, and representation from more than 40 countries. 

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