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Shiba Inu Lead Says SHIB Will Not Miss Bull Market


Shytoshi Kusama engaged with the community, addressing Shibarium’s progress, assuring against missing the bull market, and unveiling plans for Shibarium’s integration with CEXs.

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The enigmatic developer leading the Shiba Inu Army, Shytoshi Kusama, has recently called on the Shibarium community in a Telegram conversation. Kusama chatted with the group members, providing answers to their inquiries, and shared insights on his current development effort.

Lucie, the renowned Shiba Inu ecosystem marketing representative, shared fused screenshots of Kusama’s interaction with the Shibarium Telegram group members on the X platform. 

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Shiba In Army Won’t Miss Bull Market

In the Telegram group, a Shiba Inu enthusiast, Muhammet SIcnn, inquired about the Shibarium network reaching relative evolution from Kusama. The Shiba Inu developer’s reply was succinct: “Still early.”

Fueled by excitement, SIcnn sought reassurance, asking: “We won’t miss the bull market. Right? Shiba, don’t let this bull market be left unfinished.”

In response, Kusama affirmed that the community was poised to seize the opportunities presented by the upcoming bull market. Additionally, the Shiba Inu leader expressed confidence that the development teams were adhering to their schedules and progressing well with pending tasks.

In his words: “I don’t think we will miss it. In fact, we are on schedule to complete our work in it [bull market].”

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Meanwhile, Kusama reiterated that the desired outcome and success are only achievable with the support of the community members. The Shiba Inu leader noted he often ensured he delivered beyond what he promised. 

“All I need is your support once the framework is completed,” Kusama added.

Also, some community members expressed concerns about the lackluster performances of Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens amid the current bull market rallies. Specifically, someone registered dissatisfaction, stating:

“It is not nice to watch while other coins are rising. Have you looked at other gas coins and how they are rising?”

While Kusama acknowledged the situation, he stated that the ecosystem needs to keep unveiling worthwhile products on Shibarium. He believes such endeavors would help ecosystem tokens gain increased appeal with more utility. 

Plan to Onboard Shibarium with CEXs

Conversely, another community member inquired with Kusama about the potential plan to integrate Shibarium with centralized exchanges (CEXs). The Shiba Inu leader remarked: “We are in discussion with some new friends.”

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