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Ripple Launches XRPL Campus Ambassador Program to Incentivize Community


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Blockchain payments company Ripple Labs has opened applications for the XRP Ledger (XRPL) Campus Ambassadors program, as it creatively plans the future of the protocol.

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Sustainability is the watchword in the blockchain ecosystem and to achieve this, protocols must have continuity plans. The Ripple-backed XRPL Campus Ambassadors program will address these continuity concerns by encouraging engagements on the XRP Ledger.

Interested applicants have until the deadline, December 20, to apply with the new cohort of the XRPL Campus Ambassador program scheduled for inauguration in Spring 2024.

Among the enticing missions of the initiative is to pay students with a deep passion for blockchain technology to build and become part of a tribe solving unique challenges in the world today.

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XRPL Campus Ambassadors: Role and Perks

As detailed in the announcement, the XRPL Campus Ambassadors will play a frontline role in educating other students on the prospects of crypto and how to start building on the XRPL. 

The student ambassador will also be required to excite the public by creating projects, events, and initiatives with a central theme tied to blockchain.

The ambassadors will also gain the requisite training required to empower other students with the resources needed to build on the XRP Ledger.

As part of the perks reserved for the XRPL Campus Ambassadors, Ripple will pay participants $1,500 each. The exact activities outlined include hackathons and events hosting.

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For eligibility, active enrolment at an accredited university or college and availability for 2 – 3 hours per week remain the key requirement to apply.

Defined Opportunities for Ambassadors

Besides its recognition as one of the leading blockchain payments platforms and how well the program will boost the students’ profiles, the XRPL Campus Ambassador program will serve as a career boost for participants through tailored industry networking.

Ripple also plans to mentor the ambassadors through engagements with notable members of the community.

As the XRPL evolves, prospective XRPL Campus Ambassadors can join innovators already building XRP Ledger-based revolutionary products including Xahau Sidechain and SpendTheBits amongst others.

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