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Top Move-to-Earn (M2E) Projects To Keep An Eye On


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In 2022, the move-to-earn (M2E) scene exploded, but then hit a slump; now, there’s steady growth, but it’s still not back to its heyday. It’s a tricky spot – these apps need to grab non-crypto folks and make crypto part of their daily grind. So the million-dollar question is: will they go mainstream? While everyone’s eyes are on big names like Step App (FITFI), smaller M2E players like Walken (WLKN), dotmoovs (MOOV), and Digital Fitness (DEFIT) are quietly improving their performance, nailing impressive gains this month. All these tokens, with Step App (FITFI) leading the pack and setting a high bar, promise an exciting shake-up in the M2E world. Keep an eye on them – they might just surprise us all!

Step App (FITFI): Run, Earn, Repeat

Imagine a world where your daily run or walk not only boosts your health, but also your virtual wallet. With Step App, your regular jog can net you anywhere from 5$ to 50$ per session! As the first move-to-earn application that empowered fitness with AI-assisted workouts, Step sets a new standard in the FitFi realm. Bolstered by its stable economy and lucrative ROI for users, the project caters to health enthusiasts and crypto fans alike, regardless of their experience with Web3. Injecting a burst of star-studded excitement, Step App basks in the glowing endorsements of legendary athletes like Usain Bolt, propelling its esteemed market reputation to even greater acclaim.

Transform Your Steps into Tangible Rewards with Step App

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In Step, managing your earnings is effortless and subscriptions are available to further personalize your in-app experience and amplify rewards. Here, the magic lies in the FITFI and KCAL tokens – central to the app’s vibrant, contest-filled community and its continuous innovation, they hold potential for appreciation over time. Whether it’s upgrading your workout gear with KCAL or unlocking exclusive features with FITFI, these tokens are ready to enhance your fitness journey. In the run-up of 2024, Step is gearing up to unveil even more exciting features and airdrops, ensuring that both the community and the value of its tokens keep thriving.

Step Up Your Game – Join Now!

Walken (WLKN): Burning Bright in M2E Gaming

Walken (WLKN), a Solana-based hit where players earn by walking or battling it out online, is killing it in its first year, shaking up the M2E scene; transitioning to The Cuze, Walken (WLKN) is upping its game, connecting a bunch of cool puzzle games with shared NFTs. The stats speak for themselves: a 38% jump in value last month and 17 green days out of 30. And let’s not forget the big move – burning a whopping 28.18 million WLKN, proving they’re serious about keeping things fresh.

On the technical side, Walken (WLKN) is trading between $0.004573 and $0.007417. Its 10-day SMA at $0.005352 and the 100-day at $0.005194 show a steady vibe. There are other levels to watch, like supports at $0.003121 and $0.000277 as well as resistances at $0.008809 and $0.011653, but it’s this stable range that’s catching eyes.

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The future of Walken (WLKN) is looking bright, but with a few twists: it’s got the cool factor and liquidity, while it’s also on KuCoin – big pluses. In the meantime, there are a few hurdles: less than a quarter of WLKN is out there, and it’s not buddy-buddy with fiat currencies yet. Next to that, a 13% volatility rate adds a bit of spice. So, while Walken (WLKN) is carving a neat path in the M2E world, it’s got some challenges to navigate.

dotmoovs (MOOV): Riding the Wave of Tech and Sport

Supported by NVIDIA Inception, Dotmoovs (MOOV), a rising star in the sports tech landscape, is bridging the gap between Web3 and AI technology, while pushing into B2B sectors and penetrating the American market – all reflecting an ambitious growth strategy. Dotmoovs (MOOV) is on a mission to become a tech heavyweight: with a 26% increase in value over the last month, a presence in almost 200 countries, and a robust user base, it’s expanding its reach far beyond its initial sporty image.

On the technical front, dotmoovs (MOOV) is currently positioned between $0.00243 and $0.004002. The subsequent support levels can be found at $0.001709 and $0.000137, while the next resistance points are at $0.004853 and $0.006425. The SMAs paint an encouraging picture, with the 10-day SMA at $0.003847 and the 100-day SMA at $0.003346, hinting at a stable trend.

However, the road ahead for dotmoovs (MOOV) isn’t without its bumps – the project faces a volatile market environment as evidenced by its 14% price volatility. Moreover, the high liquidity of dotmoovs (MOOV) is contrasted by a substantial yearly inflation rate of 43%. Coupled with an unpredictable nature of the M2E environment, this mix of factors makes the journey of dotmoovs (MOOV) a compelling one to watch.

Digital Fitness (DEFIT): Engaging Fitness, Expanding Reach

Digital Fitness (DEFIT), carving its niche in the M2E space, connects Ethereum and Polygon chains in a frictionless manner; the project is all about engagement – think contests, airdrops, and fresh partnerships, like their tie-up with MuleBar, a natural sports nutrition brand. They’re also ramping up their app game: new modes, better integration with Apple’s Healthkit for swimmers, and smarter activity tracking. Over the past month, Digital Fitness (DEFIT) increased by 1.5%, while having 16 out of 30 green days and a modest 5% price volatility.

Now Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is showing some solid moves, trading between $0.061114 and $0.097245. Its 10-day and 100-day SMAs are at $0.072999 and $0.065512, suggesting a stable platform that could propel it towards $0.108313. Near distant supports sit at $0.050046 and $0.037515.

For Digital Fitness (DEFIT), the road ahead is lit but tricky: their focus on user experience and expanding partnerships is spot on. But here’s the catch: Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is grappling with medium liquidity, isn’t trading on top-tier exchanges, and there’s no trading with fiat currencies yet. The key to the success of Digital Fitness (DEFIT) lies not just in attracting users, but in retaining them within a competitive FitFi market brimming with innovation.


In the crypto market currents, a few M2E stars are shining brighter than the rest: Step App is leading the pack with its clever mix of fitness and finance; then there’s Walken (WLKN), a newbie that’s already making big waves with its fresh take on gaming and fitness; dotmoovs (MOOV) is the dark horse, backed by NVIDIA, blending tech smarts with sports; and let’s not forget Digital Fitness (DEFIT) – they’re rocking the sector up with cool partnerships and app upgrades. Sure, each one’s got its hurdles – from market ups and downs to getting cozy with fiat currencies – and watching them weave through these challenges is like watching a thrilling race where fitness meets finance in the most unexpected ways.

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