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Captain Faibik Predicts 20% Surge For Polygon, Chainlink Shows Bullish Signs


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In a recent prediction, Captain Faibik has forecasted a potential 20% surge for Polygon. Chainlink and a new cryptocurrency called Everlodge have restored traders’ interest in cryptocurrencies.

Polygon (MATIC) Looking At Potential 20% Surge

Polygon (MATIC), a significant Layer-2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum network, faced notable bearish trends recently. This occurred despite Polygon’s large TVL of around $811 million. One of the major factors that contributed to the Polygon MATIC’s recent price decline is the dumping activities of whales.

These whales have been sending large amounts of Polygon coins to exchanges. Despite the considerable selling pressure, a crypto analyst, Captain Faibik, has expressed an optimistic outlook for the near future.

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This analyst suggests that the Polygon price has formed a falling wedge pattern. This pattern is often followed by a bullish breakout. In the event of a breakout, a bullish rally of up to 20% could occur in the short term, Faibik added.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis

In November, Chainlink (LINK) reached a peak of more than $16, showing a strong positive sentiment in the market. After that, the price of Chainlink started to drop.

Data from CoinMarketCap showed that Chainlink’s market cap has dropped to $8 billion, pulling it out of the top 10 cryptos. The Chainlink coin is valued at the $13.61 to $15.21 weekly price range.

If the Chainlink price remains above the support level of $13.893, bulls could push out to the $15.411 resistance level. If the buyers maintain control, Chainlink crypto could target the higher resistance level at $16.611.

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Join The Everlodge (ELDG) Christmas Meme Contest

According to reports, the world’s hospitality and accommodation sector grew to be worth over $4.58 trillion in 2022. But, this was mostly beneficial to those with a lot of money to invest. Everlodge aims to set up a digital market where more people can make money by investing in property. Through Everlodge’s unique market, you could own parts of real estate properties.

On their platform, users could buy and sell NFTs fractions that represent shares of these high-value buildings. The attractive part of this system is that it allows people to own properties together, which means less cost for everyone. If you had these NFTs, you could also use them as security to get loans from Everlodge’s lending service.

All the buying and selling on Everlodge are done using the platform’s digital currency, ELDG. The value of this currency rose 150% to $0.025 because of its utility. If you owned ELDG currency, you could get extra rewards by keeping your tokens in their system. Currently, Everlodge is running a fun Christmas Meme Contest with big prizes.

To join, you just need to make a Christmas-themed meme that shows what Everlodge is about, share it on Twitter, and tag Everlodge. The prizes for the top three winners are ELDG tokens worth $500, $300, and $200. Do not miss this chance, as the contest ends on December 4th.

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