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Investors Encounter Issues Sending XRP on Ledger, XRPL Team Provides Speedy Solution


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Ledger hardware wallet users can now seamlessly send and receive XRP following the successful resolution of a recent connectivity issue by the XRPL Foundation.

Ledger, a provider of secure hardware wallets for various cryptocurrencies, including XRP, faced a temporary disruption in its connection to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This challenge, identified on Nov. 29, was promptly addressed and resolved through collaborative efforts.

The incident impacted users’ ability to add XRP accounts or initiate XRP transactions via Ledger Live, the software for managing Ledger devices and crypto assets. Ledger reassured users about the safety of their funds and recommended utilizing the XRP Toolkit during the resolution. 

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Root Cause

The team traced the root cause of the problem to a delayed configuration change on xrplcluster.com, a service providing public full history nodes for the XRP Ledger. 

The XRPL Foundation, a non-profit focusing on the growth and development of the XRPL, indicated that the configuration alteration primarily affected users employing HTTP POST RPC, an interface to the XRPLCluster leveraged by Ledger, as opposed to the more efficient WebSocket transport method.

A Swift Resolution

Upon identifying the issue, XRPL Foundation implemented a solution, enhancing monitoring mechanisms for improved service reliability. Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL Labs, acknowledged the resolution and expressed gratitude to the XRPL Foundation for their swift action.

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Ledger also confirmed the successful resolution and extended appreciation to Wind for the update. Addressing the initial criticisms Ledger faced from the XRP community, a U.K.-based investor defended the firm, clarifying that the issue was not their fault.


Several users had already indicated a readiness to port to other hardware wallet providers when the issue surfaced. Notably, despite being a transient inconvenience, the incident did not compromise the security of funds for XRP investors using Ledger wallets.

A similar issue occurred in May when Ledger informed the XRP community of an API HTTP error stopping users from adding an XRP account to their wallets. Wind disclosed that the issue emanated from a public node rate limit with the XRPLCluster. He revealed that the Ledger team reached out to the XRPL Foundation, and the Foundation solved it.

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