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Cardano OG Says XRP Not a Good Coin for Return on Investment


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In the wake of Ripple releasing 1B XRP from escrow, prominent Cardano (ADA) enthusiast Chris O asserts that XRP does not have a good return on investment (ROI). 

Reacting to reports of Ripple unlocking 1 billion XRP from escrow, Chris O stated that the initiative will always mount heavy selling pressure on the fifth-largest cryptocurrency. 

According to Chris O, many XRP investors would be disappointed as the crypto asset underperforms in stark contrast to their expectations. 

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Ripple Unlocks 1B XRP 

It bears mentioning that Ripple released 1 billion XRP coins from its escrow account in the early hours of yesterday. Shortly after the transaction, Ripple re-locked 800 million units from the 1B coins released. As a result, Ripple kept 200M XRP to be sold in the market at any moment. 

Meanwhile, Ripple’s recent XRP unlock initiative did not have a negative impact on the price of the crypto asset. As reported earlier, XRP price spiked 1.5% after the company released the 1 billion coins. 

Ripple has always exercised caution when selling XRP. In its Q4 2022 report, Ripple disclosed that it has only sold XRP to On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) clients. 

For clarity, ODL, now rebranded to Ripple Payments, is a solution that enables users to facilitate cross-border settlements. It leverages XRP as a bridge between two fiats for instant and cheap settlements across borders. 

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XRP Price Spikes in Q3 Despite Ripple Massive Sales 

As reported earlier, Ripple sold a whopping 892 million XRP worth around $544.12M in Q3 2023. Despite selling massive amounts of XRP, the asset’s price still surged tremendously in the quarter. 

The Crypto Basic reported that XRP closed Q3 2023 at a price of $0.52, representing a 9.8% increase compared to the figure recorded in the previous quarter.  

Furthermore, XRP’s market cap also experienced significant growth in Q3, surging to $27.8 billion from the $24.8 billion recorded in Q2 2023. At press time, XRP’s market cap stood at $33.16B, placing the coin as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. 

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Lele Jima
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