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Why Tron (TRX) And ApeCoin (APE) Holders Are Accumulating Everlodge (ELDG)


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As Tron comes under scrutiny from US government officials, ApeCoin’s performance is sluggish when compared to other popular coins. A new project called Everlodge, involved in AI and the Real World Assets, is showing better returns and a more promising future.

Why Tron is Attracting Heat

The US regulators and government bodies seem to be coming for the bastions of crypto – investigating stablecoins and exchanges like BUSD and Binance, and forcing CEXes like Bittrex to shutter.

Fans of Tron appreciate the cheap and fast transaction speeds. But this has caught the attention of more than just regular crypto users, according to Reuters.

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Israel’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (NBCTF) say that Tron has replaced Bitcoin as the preferred cryptocurrency system for Hamas and Hezbollah. The analysis found a steep increase in cryptocurrency confiscations from Tron wallets since 2021 combined with a decline in those from Bitcoin wallets.

Israel has seized cryptocurrency from 87 Tron wallets so far this year, making up two-thirds of total seizures going back to July 2021.

“Earlier it was Bitcoin and now our data shows that these terrorist organizations tend to increasingly favor Tron,” Mriganka Pattnaik, CEO of blockchain analytics firm Merkle Science, said.

Although Tron has no control over who users their blockchain, and for what, this all gives the perfect excuse for the US regulators to investigate Tron. And who knows what they will find?

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This may account for the underperformance of TRX which is up by 8% this month, an unimpressive figure considering that the entire crypto market is up by around 20% over the last 30 days.

ApeCoin Listing on Binance Japan as MetaVerse Tokens Boom

ApeCoin, the token behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the upcoming metaverse, supported by Yuga Labs, was listed on Binance Japan on November 27th. This pushed the ApeCoin price up from $1.42 to highs of $1.77 on November 26th. The day of the listing of ApeCoin saw a retracement to $1.64, but the token is now making higher highs at sitting at $1.81.

This continued bullish action of ApeCoin is likely due to the overall bullish action of Bitcoin, but also due to a recent renewed interest in Web3 gaming.

Although gamers have been suspicious of the integration of crypto and NFTs, perhaps seeing it as a way to extract even more money from them, anyone truly interested in Web3 gaming knows that it will actually benefit players by giving them control over their in-game assets. Grand Theft Auto and Square Enix are two of the major gaming forces that have announced that they will be using NFTs.

That said, ApeCoin is up 20% on the 30-day chart, which pales in comparison to coins such as Axie Inifity’s Ronin which is up by around 138% on the same time frame, or IMX which is up by 100%.

Everlodge (ELDG) rallies investors during presale

For those looking for controversy-free tokens, and ones that are showing impressive gains, unlike Tron and ApeCoin, Everlodge’s ELDG is attractive.

ELDG will underpin the Everlodge ecosystem. Everlodge will be a vacation property trading platform. Using tokenization of Real World Assets with NFTs, they will offer elite real estate via fractions, to their community.

In practice, this means that an ordinary investor with $100 or more can co-own things like a villa in Bali, a luxury penthouse in NYC, or a condo in Tokyo. They can build a global portfolio of real estate and will be able to use the insights of Everlodge’s AI to help them make strategic choices.

ELDG will be used to trade on their marketplace, pay property maintenance fees (which will be taken care of by the Everlodge team and their partners), and will grant holders the right to stay in these vacation homes. ELDG will also be stakeable which will secure the platform, and pay out dividends to stakers.

ELDG is in presale, having risen by 170% since stage 1. It is currently for sale at $0.027 and will launch at $0.035.

For more information about the ongoing Everlodge (ELDG) Presale, please visit their website.

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