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Crypto Tony Predicts Strong Momentum For Polkadot (DOT) And Cosmos (ATOM), Everlodge (ELDG) Expected To Follow Suit


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Yet another refreshing optimism is given to crypto traders and enthusiasts as major crypto analyst, Crypto Tony recently tweeted that Cosmos (ATOM) and Polkadot (DOT) are likely to experience a super price jump. The possibility of this forecast is born out of the recent good performance of Cosmos and Polkadot. However, these coins are not the only promising coins, Everlodge, a new unique token is also set to be the best crypto investment combining RWAs and NFTs.

Cosmos (ATOM) Makes it to Top 20 With Impressive Performance

As at 28th of November, Cosmos hit a significantly low price of $8.8967 bringing me Cosmos price below its monthly support level. However Cosmos didn’t wallow in the bearish drop for long, the next day, it picked up a bullish face and the ATOM coin has shown a progressive trajectory ever since.

After several fluctuations on its bullish train, Cosmos price made its first December peak on the 9th with an impressive price of $11.17, and Cosmos trading volume rising to $296.05M. Five days later, Cosmos gained another monthly peak of $11.91, establishing its market cap in the top 25.

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Currently, Cosmos is now the top 20th largest cryptocurrency by market cap of $4.09B and a price range of $10.79. Statistically, Cosmos has gained over 20.67% worth of value in the past month to make it one of the top crypto coins by market cap.

Polkadot (DOT) Monthly Record and Trading Activity Can Push it to Top Ten

Polkadot is also a very promising token that is among the top crypto coins by market cap, holding the 11th position. Crypto Tony might not be too far off when he pointed out the imminent progression of Polkadot. According to Changelly, DOT is 86% bullish.

Polkadot has had an impressive month so far with a record of a 44.14% increase in the last 30 days. On the 30th of last month, Polkadot crypto, DOT, was priced at $5.1555, a declining price under its support level of $5.2129. However Polkadot with an impressive, it has now settled at $7.55.

Polkadot trading activity is also a good sign that the DOT will most likely skyrocket in due time. As the Polkadot crypto is pushing its way to the top ten, next year may act as a catalyst to its goal.

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Everlodge (ELDG) Is Anticipated to Further Its Price Growth

Everlodge, like Cosmos and Polkadot, is also predetermined to increase in price and valuation. Everlodge naturally holds immense potential as a crypto project bringing a new perspective to the crypto space.

Everlodge is the perfect example of when AirBnb meets Webs. The unique crypto project, launching in January, is a property marketplaces that offers opportunities for people to invest in hotels, luxury villas and vacation homes on the blockchain, but not in the usual way.

The trendsetting nature of Everlodge is how it has successfully merged the technology of non-fungible tokens with real-world assets that include property. Everylodge is going to be digitizing real-world properties into NFTs to be purchased on the blockchain making it the best crypto investment for property management.

Interestingly, these NFT properties would then be fractionalized to enable co-ownership. Essentially, investors who are into real estate will now be able to buy a portion of a super-expensive villa that they would originally have to break their bank for. With as low $100, you’ll be able to invest in or buy a portion of a $100,000 house— home acquisition made easy.

For security, the deeds and ownership details of the house are stored in a smart contract’s metadata. Additionally, members of the Everlodge ecosystem can benefit from using the $ELDG native token which is now going for $0.027 in its ongoing stage 8 presale.

$ELDG holders benefit from discounts on property purchases and trading fees within Everlodge. They also receive annual complimentary stays in Everlodge accommodations, with the option to earn passive income by listing unused stays. Staking the tokens also provides a fixed monthly interest, and contributing liquidity on the Everlodge property launchpad earns an additional bonus.

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