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UNL Validator Charges XRP Community to Intervene in AMM Amendment Voting Process


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As voting for the XLS-30D amendment is delayed, Aesthetes has urged XRP community members to call on their favorite validators to support the AMM proposal.

Amid the delay in achieving consensus for the XLS-30D amendment, a proposal set to introduce an automated market maker (AMM) on the XRP Ledger, popular XRPL validator Aesthetes has called XRP community members to intervene.

In a tweet yesterday, Aesthetes, which voted in favor of the amendment, provided an update about the voting process.

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According to the validator, while Ripple and over ten UNL validators have voted to support the amendment, 11 others have refused to support the initiative that could introduce an AMM to the leading blockchain.

As a result, Aesthetes urged XRP community members to intervene by contacting their favorite project to support the amendment.

XRPL Advisor Issues Warning

Expectedly, Aesthetes’ tweet stirred mixed reactions among community members. While some users saw the suggestion as a welcome development, others slammed Aesthetes for encouraging XRP holders to “harass” other validators into supporting the XLS-30D amendment.

Notably, Dr. Scott Branson, an advisor to the XRPL Foundation, was among those who kicked against the intervention of XRP holders.

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Per Branson, petitioning validators to support an amendment has yet to prove effective over the years. He recounted how such actions failed to yield positive results in the past, especially during the voting for NFT amendments.

“Operators are free to decide for themselves,” he warned.

In response, Aesthetes clarified that the tweet was not a call to harass any validator but to have community members engage in key discussions that could birth AMM on XRPL.

XLS-30D Amendment Voting Faces Delay

For context, the AMM solution is included in the XLS-30D amendment. This amendment is introduced into the XRPL version rippled v1.12.0. Since voting for the amendment started months back, consensus has only reached 47.06%.

So far, only 16 validators have voted in support of the amendment, including Ripple, Aesthetes, Bithomp, and Bitrue. However, a total of 19 validators have yet to vote in favor of the amendment, including Bitso and XRP Scan.

Several community members have expressed concerns about the delay in voting for the implementation of the amendment.

As reported earlier, Jon Nielsen, an XRPL validator operator, disclosed that the delay in voting for the amendment stems from concerns about the safety of the network.

He cautioned that if the amendment passes, it could affect over 200 nodes that have not yet upgraded to the latest XRPL version. Meanwhile, some validators have promised to vote in support of the amendment in later versions of the XRPL.

For instance, XRP Scan said it will vote in favor of the amendment when the network is upgraded to v2.0 or onwards.

Interestingly, Alloy Network shared a similar sentiment in a recent X post. Per Alloy Network, it will only vote when it is satisfied with the performance improvements implemented in v2.0 or v2.1.

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