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Build Credibility In The Crypto Market: How Newswires Establish Authority


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Getting taken seriously is tough when you’re the new kid on the block. This is especially true in the crypto space, where there are tens, if not hundreds of new projects launched every day – each with the lofty ambitions of becoming the next viral sensation. Yet, after years of unfulfilled hype and multiple bear cycles, people within the crypto space have become increasingly discerning and skeptical. 

Nevertheless, a few smart moves can help any cryptocurrency business start commanding some respect and drawing in the attention of the crowds. However, in this new age of ultra-scam-conscious investors, blockchain-based projects can’t rely on the same old playbook that used to work wonders back in 2017. Instead, they need to go back to the fundamentals and build trust and authority the old-fashioned way. 

One underutilized method that Web3 companies can lean on is the use of press releases and crypto newswire services – and this guide will break down step-by-step how strategically leveraging these tools can build your brand’s credibility. 

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What is a Crypto Newswire?

For the uninitiated out there, newswires are basically press release distribution wires. You send them your announcement and they blast it out to their network of reporters, websites, influencers, and industry connections.

The difference with crypto newswires is they specialize exclusively in the blockchain/digital asset sphere. As a result,  they’ve cultivated high-quality rolodexes of crypto trade journalists, bloggers, podcasters, ICO listing sites – you name it – to ensure your news gets in front of the right eyeballs at the right time. 

While you can still opt for the more traditional newswire, they are unlikely to deliver the same bang for your buck. Why so? Well, the journalists that work with these more “mainstream” publications may not have the technical knowledge to truly grasp the unique value of your company, or of the news you want to put out. This can lead to damaging miscommunications and sometimes complete misrepresentation of what you do. 

Let’s face it, crypto is still fairly esoteric to the average person. As such, you want your stories to be covered by people who truly understand the space and the small nuances that give it the dynamic spirit that we have come to know and love. 

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Why Newsires Matter in Crypto

Okay, so beyond greasing the PR wheels, there are a few strategic reasons you would want to look into newswire distribution:

They “Verify” You’re Legit

Getting news pickup lends you credibility. It signals “hey, this company warrants reporting on by a major publication, so maybe they are legit!” While that is an obvious oversimplification, it is still true that reporters often won’t cover releases unless they’re posted publicly through newswires first. That press verification goes a long way. In turn, when potential users and investors see your product and brand name across these publications, they are more likely to trust your messaging and convert into fans. 

Boost Your SEO

More coverage on crypto/blockchain outlets boosts search visibility. The right keywords interwoven naturally into each release drives discovery for your brand across Google and other search engines. Don’t underestimate those organic search gains.

Reach the Right People

As we mentioned, mainstream wires tend to lean towards more general business publications. While you may find some people who are interested in what you have to say there, this feels much more like a spray and pray tactic. Crypto newswires tap directly into specific crypto-native outlets that will understand your message and will care about what you have to say.

Optimize Each Release for Maximum Impact

While you may already feel motivated to get a new press release out there, you need to resist the urge to slap together some vanilla template and call it a day. That type of lazy content just won’t drive people to take action these days. 

Instead, work closely with newswire teams to translate your business/tech developments into compelling crypto storylines. Transform product details into juicy narrative for easy media consumption. This takes a little upfront planning, but that strategic brainstorming can pay off in big ways when it comes to amplification and community engagement.

It’s Not Just One and Done

Securing standalone coverage for single announcements is all well and good. But if you really want to build credibility and establish authority, you need to have more of a long-term plan in mind. This starts with a consistent schedule of sustained paid media.

The key is planning regular storytelling through newswires that paint a thorough picture of your company over time. Slow drip feed journalists on different product developments, news angles, and company milestones that all tie back together into one credible brand identity. This long game earns compounding returns as reporters start connecting the dots around your expertise and market positioning.

Don’t Forget The Fundamentals

At the end of the day, no amount of slick PR or media cheerleading will distract from weak fundamentals or botched tokenomics for long. That’s why the best projects put their heads down and execute – letting work speak for itself through user growth, platform utility, token use cases and other real-world impact.

PR and newswires then act as accelerants, amplifying tangible progress to bring wider exposure and liquidity. But flashy positioning without substance is just paying lip service to what really matters – and your audience will eventually realize this. As such, remember to focus on the fundamentals, and when the opportunity presents itself, use crypto newswire services to shout from the rooftops about the hard work that you and your team are doing. 

Final Word

Hopefully you now see why newswires matter in boosting crypto brand credibility and authority. By incorporating their distribution strategically, you can verify legitimacy to media and community members, improve search visibility through broad coverage, reach niche crypto audiences, and infuse consistent storytelling into launch messaging.

Just remember, trust comes from walking the walk, not just talking the talk through marketing alone. Combine savvy PR with serious execution, and your crypto brand will lock down the mindshare that converts into real liquidity, adoption, and staying power.

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