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ShibaSwap Finally Live on Shibarium, Bringing New Features and More Shiba Inu Burns


The Shiba Inu ecosystem DEX ShibaSwap is finally live on Shibarium, bringing new features, including enhanced SHIB burns.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem team has announced the final transition of ShibaSwap to the ecosystem blockchain, Shibarium. Accordingly, ShibaSwap is now a multi-chain decentralized exchange that exists simultaneously on Shibarium and Ethereum.

ShibaSwap arrives at Shibarium just over two weeks after the SHIB team first teased the migration. According to the announcement, this development is significant for the Shiba Inu Army as it transitions ShibaSwap from a mere exchange platform to one with unparalleled capabilities.

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ShibaSwap New Capabilities

In particular, ShibaSwap has introduced the ability to establish new liquidity pools on Shibarium. This feature allows users to effortlessly exchange their preferred tokens between Ethereum and Shibarium, taking advantage of the unique benefits of both networks. 

Moreover, the platform now gives users the opportunity to integrate their chosen tokens into ShibaSwap by setting up a dedicated liquidity pool for them.

Furthermore, ShibaSwap leverages Shibarium’s scalability and cost-efficiency in tandem with Ethereum’s established security and robustness. The team highlighted that this integration would enable users to enhance their trading strategies and liquidity management in ways not previously possible by harnessing the strengths of both blockchains. 

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ShibaSwap Promoting SHIB Burns

Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu team pointed out that each transaction and staking action on ShibaSwap contributes to energizing the ecosystem. They emphasize that higher trading volumes translate to greater fees for stakers and liquidity providers. 

Accordingly, as transaction activity on the Shibarium blockchain escalates, the protocol will incinerate base gas fees. In turn, this will accelerate the burn rate of the SHIB token, potentially affecting its scarcity and value.

New Interface 

The Shiba Inu team has described ShibaSwap’s move to Shibarium as more than a mere transition; it represents an evolution of the platform. 

In particular, the development team has streamlined ShibaSwap’s user interface, making it more user-friendly and ensuring a smooth experience across all DeFi activities.

Moreover, ShibaSwap now features a new dashboard highlighting trending tokens, coupled with an overhauled user interface. These updates are set to improve the trading and yield farming experience for newcomers and experienced traders.

Shiba Inu ShibaSwap Interface
Shiba Inu ShibaSwap Interface

ShibaSwap V2 and V3 Still in Pipeline

Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu team has teased in the weekly magazine that the much-awaited ShibaSwap V2 and V3 are still underway. They noted that these upcoming releases will usher in even more advancements for the SHIB Army.

The team has revealed that the updates will include expanded user interfaces, such as a personalized portfolio page, advanced liquidity management options, and adjustable price ranges. These backend upgrades are designed to fine-tune liquidity efficiency, boost rewards for liquidity providers, and streamline portfolio management for users.

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