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Bitcoin price patterns suggest a new ATH at$ 160,000, XRP price Explosion, green light for Ethereum 2.0 & iota News 

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Welcome to TheCryptoBasic weekly review. As usual, there was a lot to report this week, and it is not surprising that we offer a whole range of interesting News.

Our topics this week range from the patterns of past Bitcoin price bull runs and what they tell us about the future price potential of BTC to the XRP price Explosion, the green light for the launch of Ethereum 2.0 to the latest iota Update.

Bitcoin price patterns in previous Bull Runs suggest a Top of $ 160,000 with a correction to $ 25,000. 

The Crypto market has gained significantly in value. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are wondering where the Bitcoin price will peak in the next big bull run. Before and after the last three Bull Runs, there were different price peaks, and significant declines above 80% were recorded. The voices are getting louder and louder, which speaks of the fact that the next big Bull Run has already started. 

The only question most people are asking at the moment is about the new ATH and where that might lie. According to an influencer and analyst, if the Bitcoin price follows old patterns, it could be around$ 160,000. 

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Ripple price explodes-XRP rises to over 100% in 7 days.

Ripple has been able to gain in the last few days. The XRP price has increased by 70% in the previous seven days and has also reached a new record high in daily trading volume. XRP overtakes Tether again and makes it to third place by market capitalization.

The XRP price was not impressive for a long time. Only Bitcoin and many Defi token prices exploded in the past, But now the Ripple Hype peaked like in 2017. 

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Ethereum 2.0 Launch can begin the starting signal for a new era.

The Ethereum 2.0 Launch can start as planned. In the first days after the Deposit Contracts’ official start for the Beacon Chain, only a fraction of the required ETH was deposited. However, the tide has now turned, and Ethereum 2.0 can inevitably start on December 1, 2020. 

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Bitcoin in the Mass Media.

BTC lands on Page 1 of the Wall Street Journal, while for many people, the year 2020 was considered relatively modest, crypto investors could rejoice with the rising prices this year. While Bitcoin initially marched towards an all-time high, a sharp increase in most Altcoins began in the last few days.

Bitcoin remains the top dog and most prominent representative of cryptocurrencies. BTC has now once again managed to attract the attention of the mass media. The cryptocurrency landed on the main page of the Wall Street Journal.

Iota Update on Chrysalis Phase 2 And Patnership With Australian Ministry.

IOTA is progressing. The development team conveyed this message last week in a blog post published on November 19. Jakub Chech, the director of Engineering, spoke about the steps of Phase 2 in the weekly Chrysalis Update as a significant partnership with the Australian Ministry. 

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