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DAO Token Airdrop and Listing As DAO Maker Launch Their Coin (DAO Token)

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DAO Maker has already revolutionized the well-known ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in the last three years. With a sophisticated approach, DAO Maker has managed to bring much more sustainability to the hype surrounding new projects.

With the DYCOs investors are motivated to keep their tokens for longer and to support the Ecosystem. As a result, immense sales after a token listing on exchanges is a thing of the past.

Investors who sell their tokens immediately after exchange listing are punished, such users have to expect a high fee, if they sell within a certain period of time, and do not get access to the next project.

DAO Maker starts the DAO Token

This revolutionary concept has already produced some heavyweights. Among them, Orion Protocol (ORN), one of the most successful projects in the DeFi era.

But now things are going into the hot phase for DAO Maker. As they are launching their cryptocurrency (DAO Token). After the successful private sales rounds, it is now the turn of the community.

There will be no real public sales round. Because DAO Maker has its own community in focus and will reward the users who have actively supported the project in the last 3 months with an air drop.

Airdrop and Listing by DAO

Only the Top 7 Community members will have the opportunity to participate directly in a Public Sale. Places 8-49 will receive a DAO Airdrop of USD 1,000. The top 50 – 100 get 500 USD each in DAO.

DAO Token will be listed on two crypto exchanges. Among the two exchanges that will support DAO token are Kucoin and

Everyone is excited to see how the DAO Maker project will hold it’s DAO token, and keep up to date with the development of the DYCOs.



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Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan
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