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Romanian Barber Stole $620,000 Worth Of Crypto


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A Romanian barber was arrested on suspicion of stealing $620,000 worth of cryptocurrency. Berber has been detained since March 5th.

A 38-year-old Romanian barber named Ionel Roman was arrested for crimes such as hacking, fraud, and money laundering. Roman is suspected of stealing crypto money by targeting a Cayman Islands-based company that is considered the seventh-largest crypto operator in the world.

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How did the barber steal the cryptocurrencies?

Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism, DIICOT, said that between January 28 and 31, the suspect Ionel entered the Cayman Islands company’s computer using an illegal API. The suspect, who was reported to have made unauthorized access, gained access to the section where crypto¬†accounts were checked.

DIICOT said that Ionel, that gained access to the crypto accounts of the firm, transferred $620,000 to several accounts belonging to different peoples, that paid him real money for buying cryptocurrencies. Ionel Roman withdrew 620 thousand dollars by dividing it into 10 thousand Romanian lei (about 25 thousand dollars) so that he does not have to prove his identity. All money was sent to various cryptocurrency addresses or platforms.

His house was raided

Romanian police raided the barber’s house twice on March 4th. 7 mobile devices, 3 laptops, 5 memory cards, 2 electronic wallets, and approximately 25 thousand dollars were seized along with the culprit.

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