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Stasis And Occam.Fi Become Partners To Launch Euro Stablecoin On Cardano


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The Occam Association announced that it will partner with leading stablecoin issuer Stasis to offer the first Euro stablecoin on Cardano, the Stasis Euro (EURS) through its Occam.fi Ethereum–Cardano bi-direction bridge.

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Stasis will also work with the Occam.fi team to develop innovative decentralized financial solutions for Cardano.

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Stasis is a platform that offers its partners the creation of smart contracts, third party audits, custody services and in-depth knowledge of current crypto regulatory environment.

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EURS Stasis is the leading Euro stablecoin that combines the benefits of decentralization with the reputation and relative economic stability of the Euro. All EURS stablecoins are backed on a one-to-one basis by collateral held in the company’s reserve accounts.

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Stasis CEO, Gregory Klumov said:

“Stasis has long been interested in exploring the Cardano native token environment to both extend our wallet infrastructure to, and to build out stablecoins on. With low transaction fees and a strong focus on decentralization, Cardano looks to be a promising blockchain for financial inclusion. We’re excited to work alongside the Occam.fi team, and leverage their experience of building for the Cardano ecosystem.”

Occam Association President, Mark Berger said:

“This is the first time that a fiat-backed stablecoin of one of the world’s major economic zones has been made usable on the Cardano blockchain. We are looking forward to working closely with Stasis not only to deliver its EURS stablecoin to Cardano through our bridge infrastructure, but also to build out more DeFi solutions unique to Cardano.”

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