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Michael Saylor “Bitcoin Is Digital Real Estate And Is Now Held By More Than 114 Million People, Making It The Most Widely Held Financial Asset In The History Of The World”

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Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor always shows that he is a faithful supporter of Bitcoin. Microstrategy currently holds 105,085 BTC. Michael Saylor is among the big names of long-term and hardcore support of Bitcoin, just like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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In his recent comments, he said:

“Bitcoin is digital real estate.”

He also Said:

“Bitcoin is now held by more than 114 million people, making it the fastest-growing, most widely held financial asset in the history of the world.”

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Michael Saylor’s recent comments came after research found over 220 million crypto users by June end.

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According to, it collected data from the 24 largest crypto platforms using on-chain data and other parameters.

February and May were particularly active, where the number of crypto users increased from 106 to 203 million.

MicroStrategy Promises To Purchase More BTC

Second Quarter 2021, Microstrategy report shows that MicroStrategy had approximately 105,085 Bitcoins as of June 30, 2021, with a total value of $2.051 billion and an impairment loss of $689.6 million since acquisition.

This is possibly why the company wants to add more Bitcoin to its reserve in the future, along with CEO Michael Saylor’s passionate faith in Bitcoin. 

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According to the report:

“We are pleased with the outcomes of our digital asset strategy. Our latest capital raise allowed us to expand our digital holdings, which now exceed 105,000 bitcoins. We plan to continue investing additional capital in our digital assets strategy as we advance.”

The MicroStrategy Q2 Report Starts with Michael J. Saylor wording:

“MicroStrategy continued its strong 2021 by delivering an outstanding operational performance across the board and completing another successful capital raise to expand our digital asset holdings. We had one of our best operational quarters in our software business in years, highlighted by 13% revenue growth. Our success in the market is being driven by the investments we have made and the broad adoption of our innovative MicroStrategy platform.”

 Watch Video: (Bitcoin Is Digital Real State)


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